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Although MLP Episode Arena has ended, but I'm still think it cod be lost something...Ah, the honorable mentioned episodes! This game (MLP Episode Arena) has 24 episodes, 4 of them was the finalists, but some of them still missed the remaining 20 episodes... I think I should do a 'Honorable Mentions' round.

In this round, the episodes which got between 5th to 24th place in MAGS1 will be compete each other, 20 competitors will seperated into 5 parts. Remember, 5 episodes which receive most votes in each part will be entered 'Honorable Mentions' episode's rank. Good Luck!

Castle Mane-ia | The Mane Attraction | The Cutie Mark Chronicles | Bats! | Hurricane Fluttershy | For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils | Tanks For The Memories | Rainbow Falls | Feeling Pinkie Keen | Sonic Rainboom | Magical Mystery Cure | Hearthbreakers | The Lost Treasure Of Griffonstone | Princess Twilight Sparkle | Slice of Life | Hearts and Hooves Day | Sleepless in Ponyville | Luna Eclipsed | Filli Vanilli | Dragon Quest

The results are in! :

Honorable Mentions Ranking List

1. The Mane Attraction

2. Tanks For The Memories

3. Magical Mystery Cure

4. Slice of Life

5. Luna Eclipsed

Sub : MAGS II Confirmation

So, after the calculation of the reaction polls (in 'Episodes Arena Aftermath' poll #1, doesn't closed), this game has received some positive reviews, so that will be have a sequels! Then I was confused I couldn't do the sequel between every 2 1/2 days, but I'm still want to do it, and yes, the sequel was confirmed! MAGS II was currently in development, it will be more tough than MAGS I, plus it will be bigger, more competitors, increased rounds, and more excited than MAGS I (even those competitors was still chosen by me...)! MAGS II's theme will be all about songs, featuring all songs from MLP:FiM, MLPEG, animated shorts and album exclusive songs (i think it should including theme songs...(lol)), so stay tuned! 

P.S.: More infos about MLP Songs Arena will be revealed on Spring or Summer this year.

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