Hi everyone! Welcome to second half of concept rules in MLP Songs Arena! Two blog posts about MLP:SA concept won't be featured in MAGS template, but I hope you ll be like this game. The game will be started after 3 Season 6's song been released (No LoE song required in this game), most likely in Late-Summer.

Here's the rules in MLP:SA's main rounds (The regular rules would start using from Quarters) :

Quarter Finals - Semi Finals

Starting at Quarters, the rules was back into the classic rules. But at both Quarters and Semis will face each other two times.


Q1a & Q2a was for first part, and Q1b & Q2b was for second part. The grand results will be counted as ((100%+100%)/2)=100%. 4 contestants which got the most score will be enter to the Semis.


4 contestants will be face each other twice. This round will featuring "Double Play", which was first used by a familiar user (Lord Spike).

His rules was:
You will be asked to vote for your favorite ship of the three provided below. After that you will be asked to vote for your second favorite ship of the three. The two ships with the most votes will continue while the third ship with the lowest votes will be eliminated.

So I would like to do the same at the Semis (with 1 vs 1 rules), that means 2 finalists with the most votes will enter to the finals while 2 other contestants with the lowest votes will be enter to the Bronze Battle.

Top 4's Showdown

Bronze Battle

In this round, 2 contestants, which was eliminated at the Semis, will be faced each other. This round was also using "Double Play" rules. The contestants with the most votes will receives the 3rd place in MLP:SA.


Finals 1's results will determind the place advantage, and Finals 2's results will be determind the champion. The grand results will be counted as (((100%+100%)+(100%+100%))/4)=100%. The only ONE contestant which got the most percentage score will became MLP:SA's Grand Champion.

Do you agreed these rules?

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