At June 4, 2015, a crazy user has coming to MLP Wiki, and that's me : Choong57.
When I started to contributing this wiki, I didn't understand the rules, I'm just rudely ask who's the writer of Friendship Games (which confirmed to be Josh Haber). Oh, at the fifth day of my contribution, I didn't realize that I can't edit the other user's comment in every talk/forum pages before he stopped me to do the silly things, thus let me realize my mistakes. On July 1, 2015, I spam the comments which related to EG3:FG, glad Impy didn't block me at that time... On mid-December, I was stressed to generate the sig, and post it on the other's talk page too. Sometimes on my talk page, some users may said what have I done on their page, but they soon understood after I explained it. I heard about some peoples who hate the admins/mods, and I feel upset, I know I'm actually hate admins at the start, but I won't hate them, for Impy. Everyday I worried about my one-take streak will be exist, especially at lunar new year (During T2T I #4 - #5B), but I survived all of the obstacles which blocks me.
And today...June 2, 2016, I will like to shout out at all of you : I MADE IT!!! I'm so proud on myself, for my effort, to contribute this wiki for every single day. I would like to thank ImperfectXIII, and every active users which visited on this wiki. I really enjoy every moments when I contributed to the wiki, thank you sooooooooooooooo much!

P.S: Within 365 days of my contribution, my abuse log has full of the records about abuse trigger comments, no block logs records, and banned on chat once (banned by Hassy), achieved 10227 edits in total, 10 times Lucky Horseshoes retrieve, and MAGS's host, the writer of T2T. (I'm just a normal user)