From 1st to 3rd signature's design,I was thinking about : even I keep updating my previous signatures (such as changed fonts,changed colour's hexcode,etc...),I still think those 3 signatures are basically same!(sigh)I must need my signature to be unique,but I failed.But I didn't give up,even my signature can't be unique, but it need to be fresher than ever before!That's why I need to changing my signature to another design.

Instead of inspiring Elsa's signature design, I'm using the similar design from User:Daxxie X Z/sig's old signature design.Based on Daxxie X Z's old design,I'm simplied it(and it was harder than I thought).I will keep updated the signature if having a problem...

Demo status: User:Choong57/sig1 *subject to change

4.0.1 - 4.0.4

just refreshing the signature's colours:

Choong57 Talk

Choong57 Talk

Choong57 Talk

Choong57 Talk

v4.0.3 vs. v4.0.4

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For signature v4.5 update, see User blog:Choong57/Richer, Signature v4.5