After I created my very first signature last night,I was disappointed for my signature:it was too simple,not match to me.I was almost give up to create my signature,but I don't,because I will redo a signature that's better than previous signatures;I will try all over again,and one day, I will create the unique signature for me(Even not now...)!

So my first signature based from Elsa's(User:Elsa of Arandelle/sig)signature,and I could changed something on my second(1st Updated) signature from previous one.Of course,I'm still really want to learn alot about how to create a signature from other users,hope someone would like to teach me.

Compared 1st vs. 2nd(Update #1):

Previous/1st: Choong57Talk

Current/2nd: Choong57Talk

Ver 2.1(changed some colours based on second signature): Choong57Talk

Ver 2.2: Choong57Talk

Ver 2.3 (Technically v2.3.1): Choong57Talk

for Major Update, see User blog:Choong57/My Signatured(Ver.III) Big Update