"I... I founded your sister!" Bright Sky shouted.
"No," I said. "I believe she has already..."
Just then, Goldust finally arrived to the place where she and I stood. He seems tired, and his forehead was sweating.
"Brighty!" He shouted, "Do you know I'm worried at all time when you said you wanna talk to him that you had found his sister, and burst out from the room?!?"
"Calm down, Goldust," I said.
"Solo..." He confused.
"She already said it earlier, but I just don't want to believe it, because I never believe she would still alive after felling off the mountain..."
"She did survived!" She said.
I was shocked for what she said. I was wondering : That means... the scenes I experienced, wasn't a dream... it's real! My mind was suddenly filled in so many confuses...
" can't this be," I said, "When I was young, I didn't realize that, when I was young, I saw a unicorn stallion jumped out from bush, and ran through the mountain and jump down. And that unicorn stallion was my future self, which was me. I just repeated what he(I) did. Now I truly believe that : my sister is STILL ALIVE."
"Are you alright, Solunar?" He ask.
"I... I need to calm for little bit..." I said, still confused.
"You may can't believe I had founded your sister, but I actually should need to tell you earlier," She said, "I just want to said... I'm YOUR SISTER, the lost-touched sister who you want to finding for!"
Goldust and I were shocked.
"What did you say? You are Solunar's––our... sister?" Goldust ask, still shocked.
"Yes, I am. (sad) I know it's a long story, but I'm finally memorized my family..."
Meanwhile, I'm still shocked that Brighty was unexpectly to be my lost-touched sister. Since we first met each other in the forest, I thought she was just a filly who look a lot like my mother; when she said her memories are back, I randomly felt nervous; when she's been kidnapped or been hurted by the enemies, I cried out, and enraged. I even having an argument with her too; when I stay at her side, I wonder why I bond a karma on her... But all had just happened suddenly, I'm hard to accept this at the short time. Suddenly, my eyes are filled in tears, as well as Bright Sky.

Solunar Light : Bright Sky...
Bright Sky : Solunar...

We immediately ran closer, and snuggled on each other. We cry it out loud on each other, thus noticed by the other ponies in this castle, who came to here.
"My beloved brother, Solunar!" She cried. "I missed you sooooooo much!"
"I really missed you too, my beloved sister. You are the best gift I ever got in my life..." I said in disbelief as I processed the information. "(To the others) Yes! I had found my sister! I FINALLY founded my sister!!" I exclaimed, and jumped on the ground.
"Congratulations, Solunar!" they grinned, excluding Goldust, who was also cried.
Goldust, Brighty and I hugged and celebrated The Lights' reunion.
While they are ready to move up at the hall, I decide to take Bright Sky to the rooftop. She's still don't know why did I named her from the weather, and I immediately jokingly anwsered her that it's because her feelings and personality. Then she smiled, "That's really awkward reason for me."
"LOL!" I laughed.
"I'm happy that I finally became one of the Light's family member, and have a sweet reunion with two beloved brothers along side with me. And I'm really sorry for not telling this to you since my memories has recovered..." She said.
"It's alright, we don't blame you," I said.
"Anyway, I truly love my name, which named by you. Bright Sky Light, such a beautiful name..."
"But I can still call you Bright Sky, right?"
"Sure, because I always likes everypony calling me like that."
"Yay! Thank You!" I grinned.

T2T #71 : Do you wish The Lights*...
Have a reunion tea break - 0% (0 vote)
Have a reminiscent - 100% (7 votes)
Do Nothing - 0% (0 vote)

Voting is over!

Note* : The name The Lights was inspired from WWE's former team, The Shield.

 The Two Thrones - Seasons List : 

The Two Thrones (#1 - #72)

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ToF - 04E
ToF Bloopers (Day 01)

Extra : MLP Panel @ SDCC 2016 Reaction Polls! (Live!)

After 5 months of waiting, the first official trailer of Legend of Everfree! As I said before, I'm not pretty interested for this flim, but I'm still watch it anyway. The song in this trailer, which possibly called "Legend of Everfree", was quiet catchy (maybe it's the song of the same name?) And the story looks quietly good. Suprisingly, the villian in LoE is...(I think is) Gloriosa, who possessed by Gaia Everfree, or Gaia Everfree was the villian? Hard to tell.
When I heard the name "Gaia", I was thought about the PS2 game "God of War II" (Weird, right). After I saw the trailer, I think this is not bad at all, or I should said : this flim could be surpassed the previous EG flims, to become the best EG flim ever! Anyway, I'm really looking forward to "EG:LoE". Considering this is the fourth movie, I'm sure it will be success.
My Little Pony Equestria Girls : Legend of Everfree will be premiere/debut on October 1, 2016 on Netflix. Were you get hyped?

1. Do you like Legend of Everfree's first trailer?

The poll was created at 03:21 on July 23, 2016, and so far 6 people voted.

As you know, Season 6 Finale will be written by Josh Haber. It let me got interested, even Sunset may have no time to return to Equestria, but at least I hope Season 6(B) will be better than Season 6(A).

2. Do you excited for MLP Season 6 (Second half)?

The poll was created at 03:21 on July 23, 2016, and so far 6 people voted.

Also, I'm surprise that SIA has joined MLP:The Movie! I recently listening her song "Alive", and her singing voice was pretty interested. Hope she have a great performance on MLP : The Movie!