Note : SWS Specials storyline were based on Equestria Girls universe (human world). Also, these specials are not related to SWS main story.

Song used : "Best Song Ever" by One Direction

At afternoon, I sit on one of the crowd seats at CHS amphitheater, and watching The Rainbooms practicing their new songs on the stage. A dog named "Spike" walks in, and sit on my side.
"Hey Splinter Shine!" Spike greeted on me.
"Hey Spike..." I greets back. "I guess I am the only person who don't know you can talk."
"Yeah, properly everybody knew I can speak since the Fall Formal."
Then I take out at my blue "mini drums built-in" rhythm guitar, and make some final tests on it. Spike ask about why attachs Pinkie's drum into my instrument, and I replied to him that that mini-drum set are attachable accessories, but drums is also my favorite instrument too.
"Oh, I see..." Spike said.
"Look at there, Spike. The Rainbooms really enjoy their music on the stage!"
"Yeah, they once got third place in Battle of the Bands!" He said excitedly.
"That is awesome!" I grinned.
After the Rainbooms finished their band practice, they took a rest at stage, except Pinkie, who run towards to my seat.
"Splint, do you feel the electricity from us?" Pinkie ask.
"Yes I do! Your band was awesome."
"Thanks a lot!" She laughed.
And I smiled on her, and wish her and her bandmates have a great performance when their upcoming concert, and she nodded.

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