Episode Review:

This season 5 Finale is the second and third episode (Everyone could think I was watching those episodes back-to-back.)which I watch on livestream (First episode was Amending Fences).The scenes when Starlight stopped young Rainbow Dash to do Sonic Rainboom was true, and my thought was right, Twilight takes Starlight to the future, to let Starlight see the Equestria's future without Mane 6. I was glad to see all of the villians/antagonist in this 2-parter episodes, especially Trixie, and also, this episode was solved the "Friendship Games pre-credit scene's spoiler (When Twilight saids 'time travel loops')", even this season's finale isn't as exciting as Season 4 Finale "Twilight's Kingdom", but for me, this was also was the very well episodes I've ever seen. 

P.S: I know right? Josh Haber wrote 3 episodes in this season : Bloom & Gloom, and The Cutie Re-Mark (2 part episode), he also write 'Friendship Games' too.

Episodes Ratings:

Part 1 : 9/10 | Part 2 : 8/10

Overall : 8.5/10

I think the season 5 Finale was take place simultaneously with Friendship Games, or isn't...

Rating Reasons:

+All villians/antagonist are finally makes a comeback in 2-part finale.

+At least one song in the finale. (Wait, that means 16 songs in season 5? Does counted with reprise?)

+World War references.

+Fully explained why Twilight was late-replied to Sunset Shimmer in Friendship Games pre-credit scene.

-I don't think that desolate wasteland was the reference of chaos world in God of War III.

-Starlight Glimmer = second Sunset Shimmer.

Season Rankings:

Even season 5 Finale was good for me, but I still don't change my ranking on each seasons:

1. Season 4

2. Season 3

3. Season 5B

4. Season 5A

5. Season 2

6. Season 1


And now, season 5 was finally ended, and i'll wait until Season 6 and EG4(2016) release. But before then, I could rewatching all the past episodes of MLP, or i could watch other shows outsides the MLP, for example: 2015 MAMA, horror movies, wrestling shows, etc...and I hope the hiatus/offseason between season 5 and Season 6 won't be as long as usual.

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