Song Used: "Stop Me" by Light Up The Sky

Meanwhile, Bright Sky and Pinkie are still think about how to unlock the door and release them out, but they soon realize that the cage's height was totally risked to save my friends. Pinkie says she had to climb up the cage then use the huge rock to break iron hook on the top to let the cage fall, and she wants Brighty to catch it.
"But it's too difficult to hold the cage," She murmured. "My magic had already lose controlled since that day, and I once lost my strength to lift huge objects..."
"But at least you had to try first!" Pinkie motivates her. "No wonder everypony knew you are once stronger than your brother, and your skills are even higher than him either."
She sighed when she heard Pinkie encouraged her in that way, and she finally agreed. Pinkie continues to slam the cage's hook with rock through several minutes, and it finally got broken. When the cage falls down, Brighty use her magic to catch it, but she was already felt exhausted when she lifting it up.
"Uhhhh... I can't hold that any longer!" groaned Brighty.
Just then, when the cage has almost crashed to her body, she suddenly triggered her inner power through her magic. She screamed, then unleashed it to let her magic go stronger, the she slowly land the cage down. After then, she got surprised while she realize it has now glowing purple magic aura on her horn.
"My magic... has got advanced, and now the aura's colour has now follow my eyes' colour!" She exclaimed, then confused. "But that means I had no longer to be his sister?"
"Your magic aura's colour changed doesn't mean you are no longer to be his sister, remember?" Pinkie asked, while climbing down from the top. "Don't you remember you are also related to Light family, and you have even inherited the family lineage as well, right? So, you can still be Solunar's sister after all..."
"I am glad you are caring me through the whole time..." She feel tankful on Pinkie, smiling.
"Yeah, because we are always be friends..." Pinkie grinned on her. "Now come on Brighty, we just need to got the key from the lock keeper and save them out!"
"Hum!" he nodded.
The scenes has focused back to another side of the rooftop, where I'm still fight against the minions. I feel exhausted to see them repeatedly defeated then revived theirselves over than over. Just then, Nike got distracted when he saw minions got defeated easily, so he use his magnum gun to shoot at me, but I escaped it and accidentally hits a minion who is the cage's lock keeper. I picked up the key then throwed onto Brighty's hoof, which she catched it then successfully freed my friends. I told Pinkie to bring them to the third floor, while calling Brighty to stay for clear up the building.
"What about you? Said Pinkie," worried about me.
"I would handle this up, just bring them to the lower floor," I said. Then I cast Freeze spell on those minions to let them walk across here easily. "Now go for it."
Pinkie nodded, then send them to the lower floor. But before she enters, she ran to me and delivered a kiss to me, then leaved. She left me blush and shockingly stood at the place.
"I don't think her second kiss is also an accidental kiss..." I confused.
Soon I realize the freeze spell has been deactivated. But luckily, they can't support and felled to the ground. After see them in defeat, we decides head down to the third floor, leaving minions in unconcious, but Nike's force has sealed my path when Brighty successfully jumped into the building, thus let me unable to escape. Then those minions suddenly fits into a beast.
"Solunar!" She gasped then cried.
"Don't worry about me, just head on to the third floor and have a meet up with them," I assured her.
"GO!!!" I yelled.
Although she still disagree with this, but she's still nodded then run away. When I saw the beast came closer to me, I have no idea for how to defeat it.
"Witness the power of my creation, Venom Bane! He laughed evilly.
"Darn it, I use too much magic on fighting against those minions..." I groaned.

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