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"Why do you want to sacrifice yourself to protect me, Scorch Fire..." I said. "I know you feel powerful right now, like you can have everything you want! You know... when I ascended into an Alicorn, I thought I may likely overwhelmed by the magic as well!"
"Overwhelm? (Evil laugh) I don't think so, Solunar," He said. "With this power, I can do anything I want!"
"I won't let you do this! You leave me no choice."
We start to fight each other, but just for few minutes later, I cast a memory spell onto his head, cause him stucked in memories.
"Do you know your mother was worried about you all-time? Since you betrayed her, she is waiting for you coming back home! When we met each other, I can feel your kind heart insides you! That's why I never want to fight you at the first place!" I recalled.
"Make it stop, Solunar. Make it STOP!" He groaned.
"You must confront your demon, Scorch... don't let him fully controlled you, don't failed me like you failed your family!!!"
Soon I saw his eyes  color turned back to normal, and he seems struggled in pain. And he finally screams, and release all the curse inside his body, and turned back into a Pegasus again. Then he landed on the floor, I flew to his side to catch him, and check around.
"Why... why you didn't kill me when I transformed..." He asked, while awaked.
"I... I can't just kill my own friends without reasons. You are also my friend, too..." I cried.
"I'm so sorry, Solunar," He said. "If I didn't realize earlier, I may fully controlled by my own nightmare already. Maybe your power... has now been stronger than ever..."
"I hope so..."
Later, Scorch felled asleep, then I put him to my back, and return to castle.
"Brighty may already worried about me now..." I told myself.

Meanwhile, Bright Sky was walking around the black hole. Soon I flies out the hole, then she saw the hole has been closed. I land on the ground, but that landing has accidentally dropped the final part of fragment out from my travel bag. I put down Scorch asides the wall near the base room, and I realize the fragment has dropped through the stairs to the base room!
She suddenly hugs me, and told me that she worried about me, then I smiled back to her, meaning that everything's fine for now, but I'm still hope the final part of fragment won't be absorbed as soon as I expected.
"Look, brother. They are coming!" She shouted.
Then we saw my friends, including Snowlight, was ran towards to us, they ask me about what happened too. Suddenly, I sensed something around here...
"(gasp) The fragment!"
I immediately ran downstairs to the base room, and I saw the fragment has been went closer to the lock! I use magic to capture it back, but the energy's strength cause me blow out. I shocked, and frustrated for what have I doned...
With all fragment unlocked the box, Nike's power has finally unsealed, and he's now trying to break the box cell. Then the box starts cracking! I casts the spell on box to avoid him brakes the box, but it was useless.
"No way..." I told myself.
The box was shattered into pieces, and I cast a shield spell to prevent me got hurt by those pieces. Soon I saw Nike stood at the other side, and he laughs evilly...
"I'm.. FREED!!" He yelled.
I scared, and I'm still in disbelief of what I has just seen... I should escape here already, but my hooves is still stunned at the place...
Was it... all OVER?

To be continued...

––End of Chapter X––

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