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"Give it up, Solunar," said Eclipsed, laughing. "You can't save them by your own."
"Why you always planned to kill them, just because you just kill them for fun!? If you really want to kill that family, you had to defeat me first! I know you are dark side of me, but I never do the worst thing which let they disappointed!" I enraged.
I finally got the blade back, and saw the demons has followed them up already. I just want to run towards to their side, but I was blocked by Eclipsed Light for a third time. I had no choice, but I use the blade to stab his body. He seems...truly hurted...for now.
"You......" He said, then he felled.
After completely defeated him, I took it back, and continued to find that family. When I arrived, I saw her fell off the mountain, so I run, and jump down to save her, even I'm a descend unicorn.
Light's past has been restored.
MY past...has restored.
When we fell in the mid-air, I use magic to teleport both of us to a random cave. When we arrived, I realize she almost give birth to a baby! I soon remember some flashbacks about my mother teach me her experiences of how to take care of baby, and how to help her deliver a the child if she give birth the baby. So I follow the steps I remembered, and help her to delivering her child. Because I was in my past, so I just call her name instead of calling her mother.
"You can't die here, Minty..." I cried.
About a half of an hour later, the baby has finally born. I can't believe that I saved my mother in past, and I realize that : it was my future self––me, saved her mother, and her prediction was right, everything I doned in dream will affected my reality self. When I received the baby back to her, I saw a light beam shoot to the ground at there.
"Yes, that's the scene I experienced at... wait, that means..."

Black Mage : You seems unleashed your hidden power at the battle against Zayn.
Solunar Light : My...hidden power? I only remember it randomly pop-up when my mother and I was chased by demons...
Black Mage : Maybe it has something to do with that light beam.
Solunar Light : I guess so...

I seems understood something.
Just then, she grabbed my hoofs. I stop looking at there, then having a conversation with each other.
"Thank you, little stallion. Without you, I never imagine how would I survive..." she said.
"My preasure," I said. "Congrats to you for giving birth to a unicorn foal, and it's a girl!"
"Thanks!" She said.
Suddenly, my chest feel a short pain, then that light spot bumped out from my body, and it spinning around me. And just like last time at the hotel, I was lifted into the air. I suddenly understand what really am I, and understand what my true destiny is.
After a short while, I once again land on the floor. Something has returned, and it reflected to the reality as well...
I immediately look around my body, and shocked, a pair of wings was once again spotted at my sides, and I can't even believe it on my eyes!
"My wings has returned... I become an Alicorn...AGAIN! YAY!!!! I'm alicorn again!" I exclaimed, jumped and cheered.
"Congratulations, prince!" She grinned.
I nervously said : "You can't called me prince, Minty. I'm confused when they call me prince..."
"Oh, I see..."
And I smiled on her. (twismile)

The light-pouring sky...
A child stand under it (I)...
Like I'm dreaming of fly...
My life is a beauty...*

While I admiring of my newly regained wings, she asked me about my name. I gulped, because I have no idea for how to replied her, and I don't want to see her upset...

Note* : This song has brought to you by "I (2015MAMA live ver.)" by Taeyeon Kim.

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