Bright Sky then noticed there's a similar necklace on that stallion's neck! She shocked, and turned around.
"Why he have the exact same necklace with Solunar..." She ask herself in disbelief, "Don't tell me that... we were his lost family?"
"I actually don't want to lie anypony else," He said. "I was searching my children for years, but I can't find it anywhere... What's wrong, Bright Sky?"
She turned back, and said : "Oh, nothing. I'm just... tired."
"I didn't notice you are tired." He said, feel regret. "Alright, you need to have some sleep. I can stay at here until the rain is over." She nodded, and wish him have a good luck for founding your family. In the next scene, Brighty arrived and close the door. Then she lie down on her bed, and she cried out loud.
"Father... you are alive..." She cried. "Mom, can you believe that I found my father, so we are finally united." (cry)

Meanwhile at the cave's dagger location, I was struggled to escape the vines. But just because I have been shaking, I was accidentally attached the necklaces fragment. The mysterious power suddenly released, and it destroyed those vines. I seized a chance to escape and ran closer to the dagger, but that power was entered into my horn.
"Uhh!" I struggled. "What...was... happening?!"
Suddenly, I feel my body immediately filled by the uncontrollable magic, and I shoot it to the dagger. Then I found myself unsealed that Dagger by those magic!
"The Dagger of Light... was reactivated..." I told myself exhaustively.
Just like the scenes when I become an alicorn, I was lifted into the air, and I keep struggling. I finally screamed, then release that mysterious power insides me through my horn. Then, I felled.
When the blue magic beam shoot out from the cave, the villagers faces turn smiled, and cheered. They even thought Kronos related person were back to help them to defeat Nike for peace. Some of the villagers seems shouting Kronos revived chant.
Back to the cave, I woke up, realizing there's some blue shaded feathers at some part of my wings. Not only that, I can feel the magic aura are flashing around my horn!
"My magic... are returned!" I said, while touching my horn with my hoof, then cheered. "Yay! I regained my magic!!"
Then I looked at the dagger, which was reactivated by me, was glowing. I smiled, and walk closer to take the dagger, but I suddenly have a sensation of somepony else.
Just then... that pony knocks me! When I looked up, I saw a familiar pony, and it was... Eclipsed Light?
How is this possible? I thought. Brighty and I were already defeat him twice at dream! But how did he escape to the real life?
"You and your sister can never truly defeat me..." He laughed. "You should already know : I AM your nightmare insides you, and I AM unstoppable creature!" Then he grabbed the Dagger of Light. "All that is yours is rightfully mine. And this dagger will also be... MINE!"
He use his hoof punch on my face and all goes black. When I once again woke up, I realised that I was transported to his mental realm by Eclipse Light.
"Darn it," I sighed. "The dagger has now tooked away by Eclipsed Light. (Look around) This seems like a realm, and he is inside here at somewhere... I need to defeat him for a third time and taking that dagger back from him (considering I defeated him once). This could be... my LAST chance. But where is he?"
I suddenly felt very afraid and feared because of threats from this realm, I even heard him laughing through the air.
Your rage, your cruel, your selfish ways; they give me form, and substance. Because of them, I have the dark strength to remain. Find me, and you will see what mistakes have you done since you become the alicorn. Eclipsed's voice narrated through the air.
"I need to be stronger," I whispered. "I must fight for the dagger, and for my beloved family."

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