>>>Chapter XVI : Last Chance

So I decides to find where she is. When I return to Wrists home, they inform me that Bright Sky seems realise something about your skill that recently used, so she already packed our stuff and returned home. They also mentioned that she took a book when she leaved.
"So... did she say goodbye to you all?" I ask.
"She did! She always did. She truly greets the ponies who passing by her," said a filly. "Do you want to leave too?"
"Yes, I may had to meet her at home. I'm truly thankful for helping me to take care of her during she lost her memories..."
"You're so welcome, Solunar," said Mr and Mrs Wrist. "We hope you can keep care of her nicely as we did in the past."
"I will, Mr and Mrs Wrist. I hope Brighty and I would reluctant to meet again with you all. Goodbye, Wrists!"
"Goodbye, Solunar!" They waved their hooves.
"Hope to see you see you very soon!" called the children.
After I returned home, I saw Bright Sky is reading the book that she mentioned earlier. I ask her why that book is so important for her, but she want me to keep quiet. Soon she found a story about Phenom Shine, and she wants me to take a look:

Phenom Shine is a legendary unicorn mare who lives in a ordinary village at Atlanta, I begin narrated, Although she only able to use some amateur spells, but the villagers are still accepts her, especially being married with a kind stallion. She have 3 children, which one of them are a pegasus. But when their children grown-up, an evil threads cames to her and her husband...

"But what was this story had to do with her?" I suddenly ask.
"Let's continue to read it," Brighty said excitedly. "We could possibly find some clues through the story."

That was the time when Nike fierce into the village, and the whole villagers are in danger. Phenom and her family watching Cronos fight against him during their escape, and she even don't know her fate will be completely changed since that day. Nike performed his final attack to Cronos, but he escaped it. Instead, he accidentally attacked Phenom's husband, causing him died in front of her.

"Oh gosh, so she would likely be a widow?" I almost cried. "I don't want her suicide herself..."
"Don't be urged," Bright Sky calmed me down. "Let's continue reading, shall we?"
And I nodded.

Phenom and her children extremely grieved when she saw her husband. Suddenly, her magic is randomly glowing on her horn, and her children felt something's unusual on her. At the meantime, Nike turn on Phenom and lunged towards to her before sealed by Cronos, who had already defeated him. She enraged while realizing her body was glowing, and she decides to release her magic to stop Nike. Her children was begging her for not left them behind, but she is still released the most powerful magic inside her then disappeared. Thanks to her magic skill, she helped Cronos to seal him. Her children soon found her dead body at the place near the tree. After this incident, Phenom Shine got all their respect for saving the village.

"So that means Nike avenged on me because of not one, but TWO ponies who defeated him," I seems understood something. "But why the message which I heard from tracker only mentions himself and not mentioning her?"
"Maybe he forgot she is the pony who helped him..." hunched Brighty. "But hey, you didn't finish reading yet! Let's continue.

After her children and friends leaved, her spirit had pops out from her dead body and turns into a lightspot and flying around, so the villagers believes she guard us forever...

"That's the end!" She said excitedly, closing the book. "Now you know when and who created this skill?"
"I may understand the whole thing, but the question is: Why I able to cast her spell? I mean, that mysterious mare in light yellow..."
"That mare you met in various place is actually Phenom Shine," Crimson suddenly cutting me off while entering the room. "And I think she requested you to achieve her dream."
"Dad," I shrugged, and ask: "What makes you say that?"
"I guess it is time to tell you something, my son..."
"Tell me what?" I confused. "About why I am very special since I was born?"
"Maybe or so."
"I thought you are born as an Alicorn, Brother Sol..." Bright Sky whispered to me.
"No, I'm not born as Alicorn. I'm just recently transformed into an Alicorn, and I become the first ever male Alicorn in Equestria..." I whispered back to her.
"Hi everypony," Pinkie Pie interrupted, noticing the scene is silencing. "What's wrong?"

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