"Ugh..." I sighed, while walking on the corridor. "Almost forgot to eat breakfast with them, I guess they were finished already."
I enters the dining room then sat down at Brighty's side. Then following on behind by Pinkie, who was still in half-drunk state.
"Yesterday is the big night for us!" Brighty said cheerly. "(To me) Right, Brother Sol?"
"Of course!" I happily replied. "But unfortunately I was too early to get tired in that time, so I decides to sleep early."
"I was seriously drunk at the party..." Pinkie said exhaustively.
"Woah Pinkie, what happened to you?" I asked in concern.
"Nothing, just had a headache on my head..." Pinkie smiled. "But it doesn't matter to me."
"Oh, glad you are okay... but if you are still felt unusual, you can head back for taking more rest. We)re not leaving the castle so soon."
"Hum..." Pinkie nervously nodded.
After breakfast, Stalemate called me out then gives me a box. I opens the box then shocked, I saw a headphone in sapphire embellishment decorated at inside the box! I was very surprised at that time.
"I... I truly can't accept such a precious present like this..." I says in full of shock.
"This is my regarding present to you, Solunar..." He said. "You deserved this gift because of you are related to Flare's family and your new status as Alicorn."
"Since you said this was your best wishes, then yes, I will accepted it." I said in tears when I received the headphones from him.
"No problem, I felt happy in heart as you like it," He smiled. "Now let's go to find your friends, I am sure that they are waiting for you to leave together."
"Yeah, I l'll miss both of you so much..." I said while smiling through tears. Then I run towards to the entrant door.
When I arrived, I saw my friends was waiting me. Stalemate followed me up from behind at that time. Their grins were became wider when they saw me holding a beautiful headphone with using my magic.
"Woah..." they grinned. "It's absolutely beautiful!"
"I know right?" I said happily. "(To Snowlight) Well, we re here to be separated now. Even you won't see my friends again in the future, but at least me and your family are still can meet each other again whenever we want as relatives. Hope we can always keep in touch with each other..."
"Of course we will!" Snowlight smiled through tears while nodding, then we hugged each other tenderly.
"Hope you take good care of your unborn child..." My friends blessed.
"I will, thanks..." She assured to them.
A few minutes later, we finally left the castle. After leaving the castle, my friends and I went to the junction roads with my family and friends.
"We are making much memories since the beginning of the journey till the end. Scores, Scorch and I will never forget this day," Skyla said, smiled. "Now we should each go home. If we have a fate, we will meet again someday..."
I nodded then said: "Goodbye, my friends..."
My friends smiled on me then waves me goodbye. Soon, me and my friends separated from them and went home. But soon we saw Pinkie is still following us with faint blushing smile.
"Pinkie Pie?" I surprised. "Why are you... blushing on me?"
"I don't know," Pinkie shrugged. "I'm just... randomly starts have a feeling on you since we first kissed each other."
"But that kiss was an accident..."
"I know," she blushed. "I guess all I had to said was..."
"I had already fall in love on you since the first kiss. Am I right, Pinkie?" I hunched what she said. "I actually want to said the same thing too, but I was not brave enough to express confession to you."
"How do you even..." She once don't know how to reply me. Then I hold her hooves then said: "Pinkie, will you marry me?"
It all came too suddenly wondered Pinkie, grinning.

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