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- "Kimi Ga Iru (With You)" by Galla*
- "B.B.B.F.F." by Rebecca Shoichet

I went towards her then surprised, I saw a bunch of ingredients for meals at the kitchen! Brighty explained that she is also try to understand what rest of us eat, so she bought these and trying to learn making dishes.
"Woah, looks like you are trying so hard to prepare meals for us..." I said.
"Yup!" She giggled. "Now go to wash first, so we can having breakfast together!"
And I nodded. "By the way, where is dad and Goldust?"
"I guess they are working on building a iron workshop. Father can do his metal stuffs once the workshop has finished its construction, considering father was an ironsmith..." I said, before went towards the bathroom.
"He must be very hardworking..." She felt sympathy on father.

At evening, I found a kite in father's bedroom and surprisingly saw the kite's package has not open yet. During I took it out and bring it to the hall room, I realized that I haven't fly the kite with friends before because of my miserable childhood memories.
"If sister's childhood didn't have happy memories, then I'll help her make one," I whisper to myself while looking at the kite.
"Where are you, Sol?" Brighty called me.
"I'm here," I said while walk out from father's bedroom. She noticed the kite then took it from me.
"I know this kite. Mother had make this kite once, but she didn't mention it to me before. Have you fly kites before?"
"No," I sighed. "Unlike you, my childhood was very tragical, that is why I ever touch the kite that mother made for me..."
"I think you can fix your childhood by flying a kite!" She grinned as she proceeding her information. "Or we can fly a kite together!"
"Really?" I ask in concern.
"Of course! Now let's open it at outside the house."
She took me to the outside then open the package. In the next scene, she took the kite out from package and ready to fly it.
"It's windy today, and I guess it's the perfect time to fly the kite," she said.
"Yup!" I smiled.
When the kite flew to the sky, we smiled at each other. In the next scene, she ran along with the kite line, and I followed her to run.
"Wee!" She cheered while running.
We like the feeling of flying a kite together through the evening, and when I saw her happy, I felt satisfied in heart.

Solunar Light: Because of you, I found my lost years of smile.
Bright Sky Light: Because of you, let me once again feel the warmth of the family.

We feel tired after flying a kite, so we teleported then sat on the roof watching the sunset. She leaned her head on my shoulder then smiled on me, and I smiled back to her.
Thank you, Bright Sky... I said in heart when I look at her. The scene then focused on the sunset then fades white.


····End of Chapter XVIII (The Final Chapter)

--Season III  END--

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