I felt I was too weak to save my own brother, cause I left off him for 15 years. I slowly walk to him, and try to express his feelings about the life without him and my family.
"Brother..." I cried.
"It's ok, my beloved Solunar." said Goldust.
"I'm actually can't imagined what my life will be like after losing you at 15 years ago..."
"'s a long story..."
I expressed my experience about the scene without Goldust, and I mentioned the villagers. I said that I'm still believing Goldust has still alive. I try to burst out from there to find him, therefore most of the villagers was talking about my family has been broken because the demons, but I didn't listen to ears. But after several days of searching, I finally gave up, and left off... I wondered if I'm being stronger at that time, I would save him already.
"Oh gosh," Goldust surprised. "I didn't realize that you are finding me for a long time..."
"Yeah, because I don't want to see you being corrupted by those demons."
"I guess Zayn was finally dead, so the other demons will temporary stopped to find me."
"What do you mean?"
"I guess it's time to telling something."
"Tell what?"
"Actually, I accidently touch the dark trap when I visited somepony's house, then that scenes you saw has happened after all."
"But why you didn't tell me after that?" I asks.
"Because I soon corrupted by demons, because they thought they can drain something from me, cause Zayn has created."
"(Gosh) Now I realize that you were corrupted because that trap..."
"It's really fine. Look, I was appeared at front of you without any damage, isn't it?"
I suddenly cuddling Goldust while I shouted to my brother, even he don't know why I cuddle him.
"I'm sorry, brother! If I have strong enough to save you, that incident won't be happens..." I cried.
"No need to say sorry to me, Solunar." said Goldust. "I already know you will done well"
"I hope...I will never...lose you...again, brother."
"Yeah, we'll never separated apart from now on." said Goldust, while he is tearing.
Bright Sky was crying too, because the reunion of Light's brothers are really emotional.
"How about to take a photo for celebration?" She asks.
We gasped, and ask : "When did you got the camera?"
"Duh! I always took it around." She replied.
"LOL! (lol)" we laughed for long time.
After spending a time for reunion, we are ready to return, and I noticed a star fragment around Zayn's body, so I guess the glowing one is the fragment, then leave (I walk instead of fly).
"Now we need to catchup with my friends." I said.
And they agreed.


At the castle, Princess Snowlight has been spotted by Stalemate, although he doesn't hear clearly, but one thing for sure, she continuing to say that name : Solunar Light. He thought princess has a mate ay outside, then try to order the army for arresting me(Solunar). But unfortunately, he was soon caught by princess.
"What are you doing, Duke!?" said Snowlight.
"Solunar is just a poor villager, and you interact with him? NO! I will arrest him, and judge him for the truth!" said Stalemate.
"It doesn't matter what are you thinking!" said Snowlight. "And you must honor to him."
"Why do you think he is a good pony? His family are cruel and selfishness..."
"You must been mistaken, duke. Want to hear his story?"
She took Stalemate into a garden, then telling about my past.
"Do you remember we have a big argument at 15 years ago?" she told to Stalemate.
"Yes, because your conoration, right?"
Of course, because you think a female can't handle the kingdom? No, because I proved it. I know those ponies would not serve me at the start, but after several weeks, they started to know me, and with my control, everyting at nowdays are in peace. So now you realize that why I want to spread the friendship across the world."
"What did I done..." Stalemate still confused.
"And thanks, duke."
"What? Why do you thank me? I did hurt you multiple times..."
"Thanks to you for letting me burst out from the castle to taking care the young Solunar, and you did really great for handling the castle. Because our argument, our hearts are now bonded each other, so stop being jealous on me from now on." Snowlight told the truth to him.
"Looks like you already know it, Snowlight..." he sighed.
"Of course, because I hated you before. Will you accept my friendship again?" She said.
At first, he felt nervous to shake her hoofs, and his tears burst out, then finally accepted her friendship.
"Thank you, Princess." He cried.
"My pleasure."
Snowlight returned to her room to change a custom for visiting the street's villagers. When she is about to go out, she ordering Stalemate to follow her.
"I know you did served me since she was born, but you actually don't know outside of this castle. Just like a wise ancient pony's excerpt saying : 'The truth is incomprehensible to one too deeply involved to be objective'. How would you know Solunar is a bad pony without seeing him? So come with me, and let me introduce him to you. Ah, don't call the armies, so the others will think we want to hurt them."
"Yes, Princess. I will keep it out." he said.

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