Song used : "Imagination" by Shawn Mendes
~Extracted from #27, #94 & #98

–Part 11/32 : When Father Retrieve Apologies–

I still remember when I ascended into an Alicorn back in Paradise Hotel, I obtained the rotary blades that father created for one of us, but my anger against father was even increased in that time.

If he was ever going to come back he would have returned many years ago!
I wish you didn't got disease at the first place, or else your family will never forgive you forever!

Until now, I still feeling much regrets after hearing his explanation through Brighty. Now I feels like a disrespectful pony, even trio of us had apologized to him, but I'm still cannot forgive myself for yelling him in that way…
Goldust suddenly interrupted my flashbacks by saying that he didn't know father left family behind before he got corrupted, so he literally don't know what is happening on my house. His speeches let me got more depressed.
Just in that time, Brighty returned home with two boxes of presents. I just want to call her, but she remind me to keep quiet until father arrived, which I nodded, as well as Goldust. "I just want to give a surprise for him, and tell him about mother's reply," she whispered. "If dad asked both of you about mother, what both of your answers would be?"
"I think… mother would never forget him. She told me that his misunderstanding about his illness is a huge mistake, and most of all, he once again lied to her about his illness. If father can tell her about his illness and discuss together for how to cure it, we will never get split up until now…" I sighed.
"I may also think she wouldn't, because she hates ponies who leaving her without reasons. Father once did lie to her about the war between her and her father, but she didn't mind that at all. To be bonest, I think she already realized father's illness before he left you and mother alone…" He said.
Meanwhile, Crimson Flame had finished pack up the lunch boxes then go forward to our bedroom to call us out. When he arrived, he have been heard trio of our conversation at the outside…
"I just want to said… mum has already forgive him for long time ago," said Brighty, smiled.
"What?" both Goldust and I shocked.
Minty already forgive me? Crimson asked in heart, almost cried out.
"But why?" I asked her. "Father left us three months before she gave birth to you…"
"That's what I m pointing for," She interrupted. "Mum once told me that she felt depressed and decides to suicides herself, but she changed her mind after I was born, because… She thinks I was actually her best gift that father left for her. That is why she love me so much like she did to both of you when she's still alive, but now…"
Just then, Crimson opens the door then looking at Brighty. I shocked when I saw tears almost dropped through his eyes. Soon he hugged her tenderly, which makes trio of us confused at the time.
"Dad?" she shocked.
"What's wrong, dad?" I ask.
"I guess he must heard our conversation at the outside," she whispered to me, smiling. "He must be really happy to hear mum's reply…"
I can't do anything but smiled, Goldust looking at me then smiled as well.
Thanks so much for your forgiveness, my lovely Minty… Crimson said in heart while still hugging her.
"But what's exactly inside the presents?" asked Goldust.
"Hmm… one are books (even this house does have a library), and another are our family's photograph."
"Awesome!" We cheered. Crimson then letting her go.
"Thank you for born into this world, my daughter. If mother not decided to labored you, I would never have any time to say sorry to her, and that would be the biggest mistake I ever created…" said Crimson.
"Mum said that already forgot that a long time ago, because she always trusted you no matter what you have done to her, and she said she have no regrets to live with you… For me, family's relationship is foreverly important, that is the only thing that I learned from mother. (To me and Goldust) I believe brothers learned that too, right?"
"Hmm!" Both Goldust and I nodded happily. Crimson looking at three of us then widely smiled.

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