Song used : "Got You on My Mind" by NF
~Extracted from T2T #63 & #64

–Part 1/32 : When she was infant - PART I–

After the battle against Nike, I felt my life was slowly got bored as days passed, and I wish I can do something at home. Soon I realize that my family were recently repainting the house underway, so I decides to help them out before I looking myself through mirror.
"Now I'm an Alicorn, that means my magic's strength has more powerful than other ponies and also able to fly," I said in heart, giggling. "I just hope to not using too much strength during I help all of them..."
When I'm about to open the door, I realize somepony already opened the door earlier than me, and that pony was Bright Sky Light, who was my younger sister.
"Looks like somepony has finally grown up into a beautiful young mare!" I surprisingly looked at her.
"That may thanks to Daddy and two lovely brothers pets me nicefully!" She laughingly joked on me. "Just kidding. To be honest, Ilm surprised to see myself grown up, especially my legs has now grows taller..."
I just want to speak, but then I noticed she brought boxes with full of trophies and photo albums. She explained that she went back to her old home for bring her things to here, so we can feel proud of her achievement, and the albums are featuring some photos about her past days with mother and friends.
"Because of mother," I'm now interested on taking photos!" She said happily while picking up an album then open it. "Mum and I always left our moments into the photos, and I guess you did the same in the past too."
"How do you know?" I confusingly asked her.
"Just a hunch!"
Later, she told me that mother is still remember the scene when I saved her back at the hill and giving birth to a child, and she said that if I didn't fell into dream and saved her, she may dead inside mother's body and both she and I never meet each other already.
"I guess it is because of a threat from my nightmare, so I can able to save both you and mother..."
"A threat?" She confused.
"Yes, a threat that makes me dealt with murdering parents like the others did."
She felt sympathy on me when she understand how I feel about my experience, but soon she ask me want to know what happened to her and mother after I left the dream world, which I agreed by nodding my head.
"After I was born, mum continue pets me until a mare spotted us and sent us to the hospital," she said. "It took us two days to rest at there until cleared."
"But why won t you and mother return home after you both got medically cleared and leave the hospital?" I asked.
"Because she felt very afraid to see you and blamed herself for unable to protect you when you are in danger..."
"No, I didn't enraged at all, and she doesn't need to be afraid," I sighed. "I just hope her to return home with you after I got saved..."
"If mother hear this, she would relieved after all..."
I turn smiled when hearing this, then I said: "Yeah, I guess so. But... shall you continue your story?"
"Sure!" She replied then continue her story, "Mum described that she was pretty tough to take care of me at the first year, because I was really naughty at that time. And you know what? When I open my eyes for very first time, the pony in my first sight was her."
"Duh, just like I did when I was infant. It's much... special," I said emotionally.
"I know right?" She grinned. "My magic didn't got triggered until I was five months old. That time when mum having a picnic with some neighbors, and she did bring me out to show myself to them. Later, when I sat at mother's behind, a squirrel jumps to my hooves, and I screamed at that time (I did afraid of ponies or creatures doing jump scare on me), and I've done something."
"What have you done?" I asked.
"My magic was eventually triggered then massively cut that tree into half by fires a powerful magic blast to it! I was so scare and crying at time, and they all stares in full of shock on me when that happened..."

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