Song used : "Memories" by Palisades
~Extracted from T2T #64 & #68

Part 2/32 : When she was infant - PART II–

"Aren't all the unicorns (except Princess Twilight, as a unicorn filly) learned to use magic since few weeks after they born?" I asked her. "And they don t'even afraid of that too!"
"Yes, but I was an exception..." She sighed. "Because I can't even use magic to lift up small objects during the first five months! To be honest, I'm really got shocked when I first used magic when having a picnic with mum with her friends."
"Can you see that coming?" asked Ringer Shield, still shocked.
"Yeah, I saw it," said Aurora Green. "(To Minty Flare) Your daughter's magic was massively powerful!"
"Looks like she could become a magician at the future!" said Sear Maverick.
"I'm still remember mum comforts me while stroking my head, which makes me stopped crying then smiling on her," She narrated. "And I heard mother replied to them that I just got scared by the magic beam that I shooted."
"It's just like Flurry Heart, an Alicorn princess who destroyed several walls by her magic when she sneezed…" I interrupted. "I actually learned to cast spells later than you do, like… 9½ years later than you."
"Whoa… looks like you are struggled to use magic during those years," She worried about me.
"It's alright, I guess I'm foreverly known as the latest pony in Light family to learn magic… But luckily, I finally triggered my magic when I'm trying to save the injured Scorch with magic back when I was ten."
"Oh..." She sympathized. What makes him unable to use his magic? Hmm...
"But speaking of your photo albums… I got mine too!" I said, then wondering where it placed.
"Well, let me see your album if you found it." She said. "Now I had to build a wall cabinet in the living room to place my trophies!"
"Don't forget to put mine and Goldy's trophies too!" I remind her. She nooded before she left the room.
I literally can't believe sister can cast massive spells when she is in young age, I smiled in heart while seeing her walk out the room with a box of trophies. Her magic level are even same level as Flurry Heart right now…
I continue searching around until I found my photo album at below Goldust's bed. I used magic to bring it out then wipe off the dust on the book cover. "I found it..." I said in heart, smiling.
"Hey Solunar," Goldust called me. "What are you holding?"
"Oh, this album contains full of my memories… I replied to him. "Aren't you help father decorate the house just now?"
"We are currently resting," He replied. "By the way, I had heard your conversation with sister about your magic status at the outside. I don't know when and how are you able to trigger your magic, because I just remember that you can't even use your own magic when you're in young age."
"Yeah, that was a childhood nightmare of mine, but the incident that happened in that camp I joined with my friends has somehow let my horn regained magic abilities…" I sighed when recalling the flashbacks.
"But hey, do you know mother was worried about you that time?"
I sighed again, "It's a long story that you and I had remembered all of the time…"

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