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Part 4/32 : When Goldust Treats Solunar…–

"Yes you did!" I laughed hard. "I still remember that you got extremely frustrated when you start taking care of me during the first year after I was born."
"Yeah, and you seemed to screw my time when parents are not at home!" Goldust blurted.
"Maybe because I am too young?" I hunched while made a face to him.
"Whatever you said…" he murmured. "I remember that day, dad and mom have busy stuffs to do at the outside, so they reminds me to take care of you before they leave, and so some horrible scenes were happened after you woke up…"

"Goldy, she and I were outgoing for a while, so keep guarding this house before we return," Crimson reminded Goldust before leaving with Minty, and he nodded.
"And don't wake Solunar up when he's asleep…" Minty whispered to him.
"Ugh, fine…" He sighed.
After parents left the house, Goldust start to blame himself in heart that why mother decides to give birth to me and let him feel left out while looking at the young me angrily.

"Since you are born, they decides to pets you all instead of me, which made me a little bit jealous on you," Goldust narrated through scenes. "But maybe it's because of your crying sound, I seems slowly feel regrets for myself and start treating you nicely…
"Don't tell me that your heart of jealousy melted because of me?" I confused about what he said. "I just getting too hungry at that time…"
"No, it did really caused me sympathized while I'm still hesitating," He said back. Through his explaination, the scenes has once again turned into the past.

After Goldust left the room, he cook the milk at the kitchen as mum usually did. When he finished cooking and filled into the milk bottle then walk out from kitchen, he saw me woke up from sleep then trying to jump down from sofa.
"Oh no!" He stared with full of shock. "Don't jump, little brother!"
I didn't listen to him that time, because I'm so energetic after taking a nap. I jumped down then looking for some fun, but soon I getting hungry.
"Oh gosh, I had to stop him walk out from house! If he did, I definitely got blamed!" He cried, rushing towards me. But just when he almost reached behind me, he suddenly tripped by a big marble, the milk splashed out through the milk bottol to the floor. I saw the milk on the floor (plus I'm still hungry), and my eyes are slowly got wet. Goldust repeatedly prayed that I won't cry because of his mistakes, but it's too late. At this moment, he knew… He MESSED UP.
About few seconds later, I can not bear the hunger and then began to shriek. When I feel more hungry, I cried even louder. He was extremely frustrated and exhausted while figuring about how to calm me down when it happened.
"I was so dead!" Goldust cried,while stroking his mane heavily with stresses. "What am I gonna do…!?"
He tried several ways to calm me down such as making poker faces or pick toys up on the floor and gave to me, but all are useless, which made him felt tired and hopeless. Just then, he finally can't afford the anger then put his hoof to my mouth heavily. "I beg you don't cry in front of me, please!" He said angrily while bursted into tears.
At that time I mistook my brother's hoof as a pacifier, but never imagined my hunger was suppressed and stopped crying then smiling on him. Goldust seeing this happened and smiled through tears.
"I can't believe it…" He whispered to himself as he process the information, "I suppressed his hunger with my hoof…"
After I once again fell asleep, his smile was even wider, and he finally realize his mistakes of his previous action, so he decides to right the mistakes before parents return home. He first wiped the floor with a rag. After wiping the floor and ran to the kitchen and then cook a bottle of warm milk. Soon I woke and saw him came back to me with the bottol and fed me.
After he finish feeding, he feel very tired then dropped into sleep. Seeing him slept in front of me, I bite a quilt to cover him for not letting him got cold, and I lay on his side then fell asleep.
Merely an hour later, when mom and dad returned home, they saw me and Goldust sleep together on the sofa. They looked at each other and smiled.
Meanwhile, Goldust woke up and gasped, he is starting to worried again! "Oh no, I forgot to change his diapers just now! What I'm gonna do... what I'm gonna do!?" He exhausted.
They giggled then walk towards and comfort him. "Looks like somepony takes really good care of the baby!" Minty said happily while picking me up to her back.
"Mom? Daddy?" He confusedly looking at them. "Since when did you two return home? I thought both of you would not coming back until tomorrow…"
"We both finished our work earlier than usual," Crimson explained. "So we can return home early."
"I'm sorry for causing some troubles at home when both of you were not at home..." he nervously said. "I mess up all the things, including feeding him..."
"It's alright, son. At least you tried."
"Our elder son seems growed up now…" Minty said to Goldust happily.
"Really?" He grinned, then hugged her. "Thanks mummy!"

"You know, when I saw you happy, my heart was feeling happy as well…" I said shyly while interrupted his narration. "I know some ponies hates parents give birth to their respective siblings because of parents left out of them and mistakenly thought they doesn't love them anymore; but if I was you, I would love my siblings and treat her just as one part of my family. That's why our relationship never be broken, am I right?"
"Right! He-he…" Goldust nervously smiled.
"But I guess you would getting more anxious when you become…" I tried to make jokes before he stopped me. "That's different! When you are young, I hate you because I felt left out, but if I become a father, that would be total different feelings," He snickered.
"Total what?" I almost laughed. "I'm just literally joking!"
He first glared on me, then gradually laughed a lot.
"Uh, Big Gold? Why are you laughing?" Brighty asked him awkwardly during she entered the room. Goldust noticed her then stop laughing, but I'm still giggling until he called me to stop."
"Oh, nothing!" Goldust replied. "(To me) You nasty brother! Ha ha..."
"Lunch is ready, child!" Crimson called trio of them out.
"Incoming!" They exclaimed with each of their smiling face then ran out from the room.
Just when I arrived to the kitchen, I accidentally knock down a bag of wheat from top of the cupboard, and it sprinkled on my body. My whole body turned white at the moment. "Oh no..." I worried.
Brighty and Goldust noticed me then laughed, and father even giggled at me as well! I stood up then said: "it's so funny when each pony told their flashbacks!" Then I giggled to myself.

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