Song used : "Never Give Up" by Sia
~Extracted from T2T #66

Part 3/32 : When Solunar's Magic Unactived

"I still remember that the doctor said my horn's abilities was unreasonably disabled and never be cured when I was infant," I narrated. "Mum was crying when she hear this, however that doctor told me that I am still have posibilities to regain it s abilities, but only time will tell…"
"If my hunch is right, mother founded your horn's disabilities when you were 2 years old, right?" asked Goldust.
"One year old, actually…" I corrected him. "Normally the baby unicorns have learned to use magic in less than a year. But me? I can't able to cast the spell like the other unicorns did. Gosh, I can't even create a little spark through my horn either! I felt it was totally a disaster during that time."
Through my speech, the scenes has rewinding back to my past. The young me was crying, and mother was comforting me at my side...

"Mommy, am I really unable to cast the spell forever?" I ask her, crying.
"Oh silly, of course not..." said Minty, stroking my head. "There must slightly have a glimmer of hope to cure your horn…"
"But everypony my laughed me because of these…" I nervously said, before mom interrupted me." You see, there's some other ponies in Equestria have the same situations as yours too, but they are still staying strong. So you don't have to blame yourself because of disabilities, alright?" She said, smiling.
I dried up my tears then hugged her, "Thanks mummy, you are really being kind for me…" I said happily.
"Of course, because you are my son!" She giggled, and then we smiled at each other.

The scenes has returned to the present, where I still flipping some pages turough the album. "Now I think about it, my situations was similar to Scootaloo, a pegasus filly who was struggled of flying when she is a filly, but she's still live well just same as me."
"What about that time when mother fell off the mountain?" asked Goldust.
"That may counted as an expection, I guess? Because I got randomly shoted by a white beam then unleashed it after that happened. But that beam wasn't help me to triggered the magic, it helps me got my cutie mark instead…"
"Did your friends help you out when other ponies bully you because of your horn's status?"
"Got a bit minor. Even they already know my status, but they are still laughing and mocking my horn until Skyla appeared..."

"Hey! Don't hurt my friend!" Skyla yelled while flying down to the ground and blocking the bullies' path with spreading her wings, but they got scared then galloped away.
"Why do you save me?" I ask her. "Because I don't need anypony to felt sympathy for me…"
"Aww, poor Solunar Light…" she comforts me while stroking my head. "I heard the other ponies mentioned about your situations…"
"How did you… nevermind, that's not important. You better had to stay away from me…" I said in tears then ran away, which left her behind. But she is not given up yet, so she started to follow me.
"All you did was just… making much selfish decisions to destroy yourself!" She said angrily while flying towards me. "Why won't you just let it go and live happily? Even your horn was disabled, but you can still live as an Earth pony, you know!?"
"You don't even understand me!" I stopped running then stare on her, but I suddenly can feel her warmth when she walk closer then covered me with her left wing.
"I understand how you feel, Solunar, because I once suffered my wing's disablities too, but now my wings was recovered and regained my flying abilities!" She smiled. "So you just don't feel depressed on yourself, okay?"
By that time, I finally cheered up then smiled on her. "Thank you, little filly…"
"You can call me Skyla Snow, or simply as… Skyla." She introduced herself before she left.
"Wait!" I called her, which make her looking back on me. "Can I… befriend with you? Because I have no friend…"
"Sure!" She grinned then return to my side. "Because I had already treated you as friends…"
"Yay!!" I exclaimed while hugging her. "I'm really to meet you."
"Me too…" she smiled.

"Maybe it's because of her, I finally decides to let things go…" I narrated through the scenes. "If wasn't her who motivated me, then I won't become a cheerful pony right now. After all, she become my first friend…"
Goldust seems enjoyed the story, and he didn't say anything but smiled.
"Speaking of my horn's disabilities in the past, I did almost let your life got rampaged! Are you still remember that, Goldy?" I asked him with making an evil face.
"Huh? Did I?" He almost laughed.

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