Song used : "Let the Good Times Roll" by Freddie King
~Extracted from #11

–Part 12/32 : When Relatives Got Meetup–

It's another beautiful morning today, and I woked up earlier than usual, because Princess Snowlight asking for a meetup with me through her letter last night!
"But uh, what time is it?" I ask Goldust, who are still asleep.
"The sun just risen up recently, Sol…" He replied, snoring. "And you just waken up too early…"
"Oh, that's a good news!" Brighty said happily. "This is your first meetup with her since you two reunited at 4 months ago! Although you promised her to have a meetup with her if you have time…"
"Sadly I always doesn't plased to meet her…" I sighed. "But now she call me out, so we could have such more conversations to talk with each other when we go shopping!"
"Sh... shopping!?" Goldust seemed to unbelieve me when he heard this.
"Obviously she really needs a pony to guard her despite that she have 5 months pregnancy right now, so it's very important for the Flare's future. Am I right?" Brighty explained.
"Right! Heh…" I nervously smiled. "But I'm still worried about Pinkie. I don't know why, but ever since we split each other apart after the royal dinner party, everytime when I mentioning Pinkie to other ponies, my face has become red…" I sighed. "Wish her successfully held her tour soon, no matter where she is…"
"Don't worry, Sol. Everything is going to be fine," she smiled. "Now quick, you are supposed to get into the train station in less than 2 hours!"
But I knew she always have patience to wait me, of course.


Meanwhile at the castle, Snowlight is making up herself for the meetup, even Stalemate was worrying about her safe.
"Are you really don't want any guards to guard you around?" asked Stalemate, worrying. "You now have a royal baby who are yet to born, what if you have troubles causing you lose your child? Maybe you think I'm too annoyed, but I really doubt something happened during your meetup with him…"
"Oh Stale, don't worry about me…" laughed Snowlight. "I don't really need guards, I'm just going out for spending my time at the outside, and I have Solunar stick with me today, so you really don't need to worry about me."
"Alright, just remember to keep your baby save during your off-day."
"Thanks Stale," now I had to go.
When she leaved the castle, Stalemate is still worried about her status if she gived birth to the baby. "Hopefully she can really taking care of herself and her baby, because I can't let her family got vanished…" he said in heart.


Snowlight walking toward to the train station for waiting the Friendship Express arrived, while I am also on the way to the station as well. Through flying, I thinking about the goodbye scenes with Pinkie again, however she seems hiding something through her tearing eyes and smiles…
"Pinkie, hope you come back soon…" I whispered to myself, worried.
When I arrived, I saw Snowlight grinned while she waving her hoof to me, then I quickly landed on her side and then we hugged each other.
"You seems mastered your flying skill during these four months!" She grinned.
"Of course!" I said happily. "I used to learn living like pegasus. Since I became an Alicorn, those wings let me feel uncomfortable during sleep at the start, but now I slowly discovered that my wings can be use as pillow, thus it made me sleep comfortably. Now I realized why Pegasus can sleep well… Speaking about my flying skill, I actually didn't improve it at all."
"Looks like you really worked hard to live like the Pegasus like me!" She smiled.
As soon as she said that, a train has arrived to the station. Everypony in the station has rushed inside out, but luckily a young filly decides to let us get into the train. We thanked her then entered the train.
"Are both of you a couple?" that filly ask naughtily.
"We are actually related to each other!" I blurted.
"Yeah, how can both of us..." Snowlight replied before she realize something then laughed at me. "Don't we have common senses, huh?"
"Nnope," I replied to her with laughter.

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