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–Part 16/32 : When I Return Home…

"I think I'm almost like you at some point, sighed Brighty." And yeah, "I'm too rushed to ship him and Pinkie together…"
"That's fine," said Goldust. "Speaking of this, I actually have an announcement to say."
"What is it?" Brighty asked while feeling curious for what he said.
"My girlfriend is on her way to my house."
"Oh you sure?" Crim doubtfully asked, "Because you never mentioning about you having girlfriend before. Is she the pony that we known of or…"
"Yes, Brighty knew her during she lost her memories and then living in their house before. Her name is…" He tried to reply before their conversation got interrupted by a familiar mare open the door. Brighty almost cheered when she realize that mare is Brighty's former adoptive sister, Leather Wrist.
"Hi everypony," Leath greeted. "Nice to see you all."
"Oh good," Leath! I'm just about to introduce you to my family," Goldust said to her.
"I know you from a friend of mine, which is also your father's friend, Crim said to her. "Well... I kinda want to oppose both of your marriage at first because of our family backgrounds and the relations between you and Bright, but I might still gonna pending on it."
When they hearing this, Leather looks disappointed a little bit, and Goldust nervously smiled on her. Crim then placed his hoof on their shoulders and trying to comfort them. "You see, I wasn't being forced to separate both of you apart, however you guys should learn to understand each other, just as the journal I wrote in the past… Hope you two understand what I mean."
Although he tried to speak, but she slightly nodded and smiling on him. "Thanks for your advices, I really appreciated."
"Leath…" He nervously smiled.
"Sis, would you stay with us for a night?" ask Bright Sky.
"Ahem! Our house don't have a guest room," Goldust said louder. "Even either one of us blank out a room for cousins, but still…"
"You two can share a room if both of you are married. You know, brother use that room as photograph room before…" She whispered to him, which made both him and Leather blushed and giggled on each other. Maybe Sol had returned home already…
Meanwhile, I've already stood at outside my house. Before entered, I check the mailbox then noticed 4 golden tickets. Grinned, I took those tickets out from the mailbox.
"Sweet!" I whispered to myself, grinned. 4 tickets to Canterlot's Grand Gala, and my sixth trip to Canterlot has came true!
"Did somepony said Grand Gala?" Brighty grinned while opening the door.
"Yeah, sort of…" I surprised then nervously smiled while stepping into the house. "But how did you know me visit the gala?"
"Because I got that ticket once before!" She said happily. "I never imagined that you also got the tickets too, and we might able to attend the gala together as family!"
"Dad, would you go with us?" I ask.
"Heh, I don't need that. My age is too high for attending the biggest event in Equestria, so I decides to stay at home. That is the place where most of young ponies ever want to visit, so I hope the event you mentioned would let you guys have unforgiven memories."
"Thanks dad," I smiled.
"So… when would the gala held?" asked Leath.
"Next June. Even I keep one for myself, but I'm still decide to give the other 3 tickets away. One for Snowlight, and rest of those will obviously given to siblings as well."
Both Brighty and Goldust retrieved the tickets then cheered except Leather, who feels upset because of not being invited. Goldust comforts Leather by stating that she would eventually get one within seven months, and she smiled after all.
"Do not forget to invite us to both of your wedding!" I said louder.
"Solunar!" They shouted then glaring at me.
"That's obvious…" Crim and Brighty said simultaneously while staring on me. All ponies looked angry because of me.
"Oops, looks like me actually said the wrong words. I better silencing myself for now…" I said awkwardly then galloped away, which all four ponies laughed hard.
"Heh, having a son like him would always makes laughter to family like Ms. Pinkie did…" Crim whispered himself.

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