Song used : "Sing" by Ed Sheeran
~Extracted from #28 & #64

Part 15/32 : When Relatives Trots Around

"It's gonna be risk for giving birth to her," replied Snowlight, worried.
"Are you afraid of your body can't afford the baby's growth?" I asked again.
"No. If the baby was also born as an Alicorn, my body can able to affort her growth because I'm also an Alicorn too. But what I'm actually worried about you and Pinkie more."
"What do you… hold on, why are you still worried about me and Pinkie?"
"I mean… you two did love each other, but both of you were different species. If you are still a unicorn, that won't have any problems, but now you became an Alicorn, which means your future children would likely influenced because of your current status."
"What about your parents species?" I asked. "Your parents were pegasus, but they discovered you born as an Alicorn when your mother gave birth to you. Weren't you think that she was unable to afford your growth too? And didn't you realize why your family think you are very special?"
She gulped and said nothing.
"I know every generation of my family are unicorn, but I broke the tradition since I find myself gained wings by incident at Paradise Hotel. Also, my father didn't forced us to marry with unicorn mares, so future generations won't just be unicorns, just like the differences between you and your family."
"Actually, my family was one part of Flare's family…" She said, before I interrupted her by saying: "I already know that. Most of Flare's family members were unicorn, and some of them are pegasus."
She smiled then hugged me. I couldn't do anything but smiled. "The sky has turned black now, Snowlight…" I said.
"That means we had to say goodbye to each other again…" she sighed. "I would like to invite you and your siblings to my castle before I getting childbirth, just in case."
"Sure!" Because we are family. Would you come with me for a trot before we return home?"
"Sure at anytime!"
But when she stood up, she suddenly felt a short pain on her belly, causing her groaned then sit again. I noticed then tried to comfort her at the side.
"What's wrong, Snowlight?" I ask, worried.
"My body are always feeling a short pain since a month ago," She replied, nervously smiling. "But I'm still able to stand up…"
"It does matter to me. I should take you to the hospital."
But she soon doesn't feel the pain anymore right after I lifted her up. "Now I literally get better…" she smiled. "To be honest, I could possibly got less-powered when the baby absorb nutrients and energy through my body. My mother experienced and told me before when she have me in the past, so I had to keep care of my body during these days, and the short pains also as a sign of her growth. If I have mistakes, then I would lose control by the fusion magic. That's what I worried about, and I afraid of myself passed away because of magic losing control during the childbirth, at least mum survived it before…"
"Just relax. If nopony want to deliver the baby, try to think of something that you think of most and letting them become your willpower, so the baby will born successfully."
"Is that possible?"
"Not exactly, if there does have ponies help you aside… May us go for a trot now?"
She nodded, but then she remind me to keep an eye on her during our trot.
While we trotting around the park, I remember some flashbacks where Scores, Skyla and I having fun while escaping through the park with laughter. We also watching sunrise through hotel s rooftop after I save the day too! Thought of this, I slightly giggled at myself and made Snowlight smiled on me as well.

Back in Light Shelter, my family are preparing dinners while still waiting me return home.
"Looks like they choose the wrong day to visit Manehattan," sighed Bright Sky. "I mean, they should visit there tomorrow…"
"Sometimes you can't expect the other ponies to do their things on the days they selected, Bright Sky…" Crim told her, almost giggled. "I'm too rush and felt awkward when I dated with your mother at the wrong time just like you thinking about the timing when Solunar and his friend go for a trip."

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