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Part 14/32 : When Relatives Go Shopping

"You will soon realize which place we would go!" I replied, grinning.
We walk out from the subway's entrance then shocked, we saw the city has slowly reconstructed in the progress! "Hey, do you know Manehattan was destroyed by Lord Nike back in 4 months ago?" Snowlight ask me, but I said nothing.
"I know it would makes you mad, but…" She continue to say before I stopped her. "Everypony in this city doesn't want to mention about that incident forever, including me as well. They know it was me who saved everypony's life, however… (sigh) I don't ever think this is such an accomplishment for my own…" Then I smiled.
Snowlight felt sympathy on both me and herself, then she smiled on me.
"Heh, I almost forgot to bring you explore this city just now. Let's go!" I said happily then start to trot. Snowlight grinned then followed behind.


Meanwhile in Light Shelter, Bright Sky feel bored and looking for something to do. "Hmm, father was busy with his garage work, Goldust was asleep as well…" She sighed.
Just then, she saw my tracker at the table and surprised, she noticed that I only marked one place in tracker's map. "I wish I can join their off-day meeting…" She told herself silently. Maybe they should visit other cities not just in Manehattan, those places also have fun too! "(Gasp) Wait a minute, Sol and Pinkie may meet each other at somewhere especially the place where she visit!"
She soon returned to the bedroom then found a piece of paper that clipped inside my journal, this must be her tour's schedule list… she murmured.
She flipped on that page then searching Pinkie's upcoming events and surprised, she held her show tomorrow in Manehattan! When she is about to leave home, she realized Pinkie and her show partners would arrived and stay a few nights before the show has started, which means she would luckily to meet me at somewhere, so she step back and decided to not telling me.
"Or I guess he already knew her schedules?" she asked herself.
"Um, sis? Why are you self-talking?" Goldust ask her while waking up.
"Nothing, just worrying about how Brother Sol's future fiancee treats her in other place," she replied. But that reply makes him and herself stunned for a little while, then they start laughing at each other. "Since when you start calling Pinkie a fiancee?" Goldust asked her with laughter.
"I don t know!" She replied with laughter, "I randomly called her like that."


I leads Snowlight to travels several shops and malls that I had visited in the past, which I sighed when seeing some old shops were replaced with new shops, but she seems very enjoyed around this city.
"Sometimes you'll get different feelings everytime when you trots around Manehattan," She told to me. "Now think about it… this city has destroyed once, and I believe it would be more beautiful than ever. Am I right, Sol?"
"But I guess somepony would feel very sad, right?" I pointed to a unicorn mare who stood at her own boutique s entrance door. She noticed then waves her hoof to us.
"Wait… is that Rarity?" She asked me.
"Oh darling, I can't believe you save my shop!" said Rarity, grinned.
"Yes, Ms. Rarity," I greeted. "Glad I stopped him before he able to destroy the areas involving your shop, or else your shop will be doomed at that time."
"This shop is not just a shop, it is also as one part of my life! Without it, I can't even imagine what my life would be like."
Snowlight and I were both speechless then giggled.
We continue traveling across this city until evening. We are so tired throughout our journey, so I decides to bring Snowlight to the park. When we arrived, I saw fillies and colts playing happily at the playground.
"I once made a wish for myself since I discovered myself having a royal baby," said Snowlight.
"What is it?" I ask.
"If one day, when my baby was born, I would hoping for bringing her to here, because I want to leaving a good memory for her."
"Mhmm... you got a point. I felt happy too when I was playing at playground. Ah, good old days…"
"But I'm still worried about something."
"What are you worried for?" I worried.

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