Song used : "Tradition" by Thousands Below
~Extracted from #12 & #29

Part 13/32 : When Relatives Reaches Subway

"You must be Skyla's sister, called… Flora Grove, right?" I ask that filly.
"Yes! I'm her younger sister!" She felt surprise then grinned. "But how did you know my name?"
"Oh well, your sister and I were became friends back when we are in magic kindergarten, and you are still an infant at that time," I explained. "She is the very first friend that I ever made, after all…"
"I thought you are supposed to befriend with her after you suffered in a serious incident…" Snowlight surprised.
"Yeah, but I actually befriended with her before you met me for the first time," I explained to her. "But to be honest, you are the person who founded me in coma then took care of me for few days until you left before I woke up from sleep, so you did save me from death."
"Ooh… what a loveful story!" Flora grinned while applauding. "But why won't you two became a couple?"
"Because I have promised to marry Pinkie back when after Princess Snowlight s party is over, I told Flora. "But I guess one of my family's children would love her child very much."
"I knew you are kidding!" She laughed to me, as well as Flora.
"Look, we are almost there!" I said louder.
When Snowlight and I reached the subway, we walk out together and looking around the place, however Flora decided to stay in the train instead of following us because of her travel to another destination for her home decorations. We said goodbye to her before that train has ride away.
After the train was away, I started to show her around this place. "Back when I discovered this place, I was doing mission to find the star fragments with my friends, so I did not have time to fully trot around this place…" I said. "Normally I hoped to bring you visits here at sometimes, but now it didn't turned out the way I want because of Lord Nike's insults around the city."
"What about this subway?" She asked.
"Oh yes, I teleported to here for finding a place to sleep at that time, and I suffers some pains while I'm asleep."
"I guess your body got hurt because of sleeping on the floor?"
"Nope, I clearly made a shelter with cardboards and put my bed inside, so I can sleep comfortably. But that's not the point, the point is: something happens to my body when I was sleeping!"
"You mentioned it twice already, remember? That your body starts glowing with pains thing?"
"Yeah, I mentioned it twice when you asked me why I ve became an Alicorn. I didn't know it was a sign of the ascension until I gained wings in the next day. At first I thought myself didn't do worthy of royalty and wondering that which royalty related with my family, but now I realized that we were actually related…"
"Haven't your mother mentioned about my family before?"
"Father mentioned that she gave up her princess status and decides to live as a normal pony with him according to his journal…" I sighed. "It was really tough to made her desicion, even her father didn't ask about it. To be honest, I already know that I was half Flares when mother bring me to the castle, and we didn't recognized each other considering that you are away from the castle, but I'm proud to have her as my mother."
"At least he didn't erases your mother's name from family's historical book because of her decision, right?"
I nodded.
"I should told my family to adopt you at the first place if you woke up then told me what happened to you and your family, but that doesn't matter now…"
I stroked her head then giggled, "Oh silly, even you are forced to return home at that time, but I'm still here and stayed strong as a promise to my mother…"
She couldn't say anything but smiled.
Snowlight and I shared our family's past memories to each other through visit around the subway, however I realized that I am almost our schedule! Soon I founded a path to leave the subway.
"We seems forgot why are we going out today, isn t it?" I nervously ask her.
"Um, we didn't?" She replied.
"Let me lead you leave the entrance and see how's the city is doing on. Let's go!"
"Where did you go?" She asked while follow me behind."

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