Song used : "Solaris" by J.T. Peterson
~Extracted from #65

–Part 5/32 : When Couples Got Tested - Part I–

One rainy night, everypony in house was asleep except Bright Sky, who got insomnia just now, and she can't sleep all night long. She tried to let herself fell asleep by rolling over her bed, but she failed to do so because of her insonmia. She sighed while waking up and looking at the window. Since she can't sleep at middle of the night, so she decided to leave the room then went ahead to the house library for wasting her time until she felt sleepy.
When she arrived and search around, there is no interesting books to read, she once again sighed then leave the library. When she went towards the kitchen for finding some foods, a lighting acrossed at outside the house, causing her highly gasped then ran back to the room, and then hide under her quilt.
Minutes later, she realized the rain has stopped when her head sprouts out from quilt and looking at the window. Relieved, she put her quilt away.
Just then, she noticed a large book in the bookshelf. She took that book to her side and realize it s her father's diary! She wondered why this book placed at that bookshelf while memorize what I'm saying about the family's history back in the Flare's castle…

"I have heard from father that 30 years ago, King Dawning once opposed to my parents' marriage, but when he saw him in order to escort the king and fight the enemies through bound towards to the north, he finally admired and praised my dad, so he promised to let dad marry his daughter (who became our mother) as a reward."

She wonder I was hiding something on her, so she decides to read the diary for understanding about her parent's past. She open the diary and start reading it silently:

Ever since I learned all things about mechanic metals, I slowly started to get interested on building metal stuffs. Although father was worried about my life, but he's still agreed me to achieve my lifetime dream, since he always didn't forced me to follow his occupation…

Just like what dad told us fulfill our dreams with own hooves… Brighty said in heart, while reading the diary.

Few years later, I gradually mastered my skills in metal stuffs, and father praised me too after he saw me worked hard. That is because I was the only son in the Light family, so I really don't want to let father disappointed on me. Unfortunately when I was a young stallion, he passed away because of his serious illness; he didn't witnessing me won the awards yet either! After he passed away, I realize that I did not spent most of my time with my father, which made me feel regret.
Later, a pony has arrived at outside my house with several royal guards. I first don't know who is that pony and why came to my house, but I soon realized that pony was a Unicorn princess when I opened the door and saw her stood angrily at the outside. I was completely attracted by her appearance by that time…
She unreasonably slapped me then ask why I bullied her friend. I got both shocked and confused at that time when I heard this. When I just want to reply her question, she cut me off then blamed me with harsh words. That makes me totally angry, so I yelled back with stating that she clearly did not understand the truth of the whole incident before she rudely several innocent ponies, then heavily pushed her to the ground. Those guards crowded around her and stare against me…

That princess once have rude personality? She asked herself in heart, surprised. But I thought she always be kind just like father…

She stares on me until her friend came over her then told her that I am not the pony who bullied her, and so the misunderstanding case has solved. The princess told her guards to stay back and apologized to me, but maybe because of my anger, I refuse to accept her apology and hurting her by yelling that nopony will love a ruthless and underrated princess like her. When seeing her heartbroken and galloped away with tears, I can't imagine that my word hurtled her too much, and I even cannot forgiving myself for what am I done to her…

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