Song used : "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (feat. Ray Dalton)
~Also extracted from #65

–Part 6/32 : When Couples Got Tested - Part II–

I'm not feeling well while worrying about her for several days, and I always think about something was missing in heart: respects. Maybe it's because I always doing things alone and never accept the help from other ponies.
I thought that pony will never see me again until she once again visit my house at few days later. I told myself to not angry on her, but when I looked at her, she seems very upset because of her being blamed by some other royalties who hates her actions after I yelled her in that way, that makes me felt sympathy on her.

Now I understand the reason why mother didn't feel happy in the castle… Brighty said in heart, before she heard somepony opening the door. She quickly hide the diary into her quilt. When the doors open, she realize it is father who enter the room.
"Bright Sky?" Crimson ask her silently, "Aren't you already sleep?"
"Just can't able to sleep tonight," She shrugged. "But I think I'll getting sleepy after all."
"If you said so, just don't be late for sleep…" He smiled at her then closed the door.
After she saw father left the room, she took out the diary again then continue to read:

I was struggled to think about apologize to her or not at the time, but I finally decides to forgive her for what she done to me instead of apologizing to her, which made her finally smiled. Soon she revealed herself as Minty Flare, and she hopes to befriend with me for learning friendship and experiencing her life in village, which I accepted her friendship. That is how our relationship started…
King Dawning knew that it was me who turned his rude daughter into a kindness pony, and he is very happy, so he decides to let her visit my house for learning friendship lessons. Everytime when she came to my house, she is happier than before. As the time passed, she has now more kindful than before. During these 2 years, Minty and I had understood each other's habit; we have been gradually falling love on each other and become a lovely couples.
It feels like she and I are destined to meet each other ever since the day when she first visit my house, but what I am really worrying about was our family backgrounds: She is a princess in Flare's castle, and I'm just an ordinary blacksmith Unicorn. Her majesty will definitely opposed our marriage and force to separate us. My mind was struggled between keep her close to me or letting her go. Until one day, our relationship has start getting tested after a familiar stallion has return to her home…

Mum once told me that she and Daddy always experienced separate themselves apart then forgive each other over and over for so many times when they argue to each other, Brighty said in heart. That is why they really cherished on each other…

It was raining that day, Minty send an invitation card for inviting me to her castle for a summit with her parents. I was confused a little bit, wondering about why she called me up to the castle… But at that time, all I am thinking about was announcing her graduation and left her away from me. I knew that might make her rage at me, but I had no choice... because I wasn't deserved to love her!
When I finally went outside the room and went toward to her castle, a stallion in mask was follow me from behind with full of sneers. I can clearly hear his harsh words about me and her through his mouth, and he even silently told me don't get closer to her, or else I will suffer the pain. But I didn't listened to him and continue walking.
I finally arrived at outside the castle and saw her running out from the hall with smile in her face. I nervously entered the hall, and she bring me to the throne room, but I didn't noticed that stallion in mask are still following me at behind without all the guards saw him…

"Do tell me that the stallion in mask was a nightmare that mum never want to remember about?" She ask herself silently, gasped.

On the way to the throne room, Minty and I were smiling on each other…

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