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~Extracted from #65 (3rd time)

–Part 7/32 : When Couples Got Tested - Part III–

…But she soon noticed that I was actually feel exhausted, so she ask me why I am so upset. I stopped then grab her hoof and looking at her with faint blushing smile, which also let her felt awkward then blushed as well.
Later I began to say that she had been my student for two years, and I did hope that she would always be my student; but in fact I already had nothing to teach her, that makes her so confused. Then I explained that two years after I taught her, I could feel that her personality changed a lot compared to the past. In the past two years I have used my life experience to transform a ruthless princess into a cheerful and kindheartedness princess, and now I have decided to announce that she has graduated and declared that I am no longer to be her mentor.

I never thought that they used to be teacher-student relations, now have became a pair of lovely couples, as well as our parents… Brighty said in heart, smiling.

She was not expecting this when she heard my announcement, and she told me that she wasn't even ready to accept her graduation yet. I grab her hoof then said that now she have to spread her friendship that she learned from me; and without my teachings, she had to prove herself to everypony that she completely changed since that day. Although she's still feeling nervous, but she finally accepted her graduation then thank me for my taught while hugging me, which I smiled back to her.
When we arrived at outside the throne room, the royal guards suddenly blocked me from entering the room, but they let Minty go inside the throne room instead, which makes me angry. Soon when guards opened the door, we saw King Dawning stood at in front of us alongside with… 'the stallion in cloak'?
He wear off the cloak and reveal himself as Stream Drops, and he's whispering something to her majesty, and makes him even angry then separate us apart.
After the guards closed the door, I saw Stream teleport himself to outside the throne room. I remembered that time she mentioned about what her former boyfriend done to her in the past; even she have rude personality at that time, but she is still afraid of him return to the castle and befriending him again.
He start to haunting me again just like last time he did, but this time he heavily attacked me with his hooves until he saw me got serious injury and fainted, and he warned me don't ever come close to her former girlfriend again then left, leaving me unconscious. Luckily, some kindheartedness guards called the rescue team up to saved me after they saw me suffered a serious injury.
The next day when my body recovered a little bit, I realize that the reason why he forced to separates me and Minty apart is because of Stream told him that I am going to marry her and planned to steal the treasures left by the Flare's family ancestors, which made his majesty misunderstood his words and began to against me; But it was only NONSENSE, because Minty never told me the secret treasures of my family, and I never thought of interacting with her as well! How can he distort the facts between us when he told her majesty about this…
The only thing I know was: For a few weeks she had a quarrel with her father, and she was about to cut off with him according to Stalemate, a newbie who served as a castle royal guard. At that moment, I may realized that the past two years I have been inadvertently began to care about her when I teached her the friendship lessons as her mentor…

"Wasn't Stalemate served as Snowlight's assistance and the duke of…" Brighty suprisingly ask herself before she clutched her mouth to keep silence. Oh wait, I forgot that was happened more than 30 years ago…

I think that he must be because of watching her and I had a happy life after he and her breaking up, so he planned to deliberately framed me, so he would destroy me and bring her back to his side. Since from that time on, I swear from the heart that I will find out the evidence to exposes his full of lies and save Flare's family out of his hooves!

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