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~Extracted from #65 (4th time)

–Part 8/32 : When Couples Got Tested - Part IIII–

For past few weeks, I'm trying to contact with her secretly at outside her room, but soon I realized that she had once again changed back to the cold pride unicorn princess after that time she quarreled with her father, which made me very disappointed on her. It seems like her passion for me has cooled down; Even I met her by chance and then want to say hello, she still has either to avoid pretend not to know me or always yelled me with vicious words.
It took around 3 months to investigate the whole things until one day I sneaked into Stream's room and shocked, I saw him self-talking about his plans against Minty and her family! I enraged and planning to do something, but soon I hesitated and still worried about her safe.
I told Minty everything about what I heard from Stream that day after we once again met each other at two week later, but she always doubted for what I said and still thinking I am a thief, causing us argued to each other and end with a break-up. Don't know why, I felt sympathy in heart when I left her alone and saw her crying…
I did not take any actions until one day when her majesty was about to go to the north to visit another royal family's mansion, and he chose me and Stream to guard him. I grinned and wondered that it will be my chances to prove Flare's family that I'm always being honest to everypony, but Stream viciously looking at me then sneered.
Before I leave the castle with them, Stalemate reminded me that she is still doubted me would kill her majesty, which I let him lied to her per his statement. He refused then asked me why I decided to tell her lies, but I remind him to keep his secret instead, which he confused at all time while return to Minty's room and tell the statement.

"Dad once did told a lie to mum…" Brighty silently whispering to herself. But yeah, everypony could have some reasons which forcing themselves for telling lies to other ponies…
She saw the clock on the room wall said one fourteen, and she is still unable to sleep after reading three quarters of father's diary, so she decides to continued to read the rest of father's past stories.

During our journey bound to the north, King Dawning and Stream were walking at the front, and I walk behind them to spy on him. I have a bad feeling that something would happen at no time, but I also worrying Minty would hate me forever if she mistakenly believes me kill her father.
When we founded a cave and rest at there, King Dawning seems put down wary on me then calling me to his side. I'm not just grinned and cheered, I also got totally shocked as well since after he separated me and Minty apart! After I arrived beside him, her majesty suddenly grab my hoof then bring me to the hidden spots without Stream noticing around them, and I feel hurt then trying to let myself go when he drag my hooves.
Just when both of us arrived at the hiding spot, I'm surprised to see the king gives me an honorable medal to me, then he finally reveal that the reasons why he separated me and his daughter apart is because he want to avoid his daughter got heartbroken when Stream threating him to let her marry him, and I was the pony who lead her walked out of her nightmare. He then praised me for me changed her nature as her life mentor too! I told to the king that I actually teaching her the final lesson, and I won't reveal what the lesson is until he successfully visited the mansion and returned home.

"Maybe that lesson could likely involving Applejack!" Brighty gasped.
"Involving who?" I ask her through above her bed while yawning.
"Nothing, just randomly self-talking…" she lied. Then she continue to read it silently.

After moments of silence, her majesty decides to let me marry her as my reward, which made seriously confused: "I was her mentor for two years, but after I announced her graduation, she and I seemed to have begun to have feelings for each other." I blushed while thinking about accept his rewards or not at the time…

If he refused to marry her, then we didn't existed, I guess… Brighty wondered.

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