Song used : "Trident" by LoonMoon x Guillotine
~Extracted from #65 (5th time)

–Part 9/32 : When Couples Got Tested - Part V–

After some thoughts, I have got some courages to told her majesty that I would reconsider marriage with her then stated that there is something which I had to thinking about my future life, and I need to take a year to confirm she is the lover of my life or not, which he nodded.
Just then, when King Dawning and I walking out from the hiding spot, I realize Stream has already spotted us during our conversation, and he is fiercely looking at her majesty. He seems… feel betrayed by the king and start to getting mad. I tried to explain, but he refused to listen then turned himself into a fierce giant minotaur, causing me got shocked by his size and unable to stand up straight. But King Dawning was supporting and encouraging me from behind at this time when I felt helpless, so I regained confidents and braves.
Just before I can able to attack him, Stream revealed his true identity as one member of minotaur kind, and he stated that he planned to destroy Flare's family for his deceased kind since he first befriending with Minty, which makes me finally realize why she always avoid him. Stream suddenly laughed then attacks my injured parts heavily, causing me once again screamed in pain.
While seeing her majesty battle against Stream, I start to think that I should never met her since the beginning, but now it was too late to cut off with her, because I really can't live without her right now since she came into my house. Enraged, I slowly stood up then planned to kill King Dawning, so the relationship between me and the Flare's family will foreverly be ended…

No! Brighty cried in heart. How can you do this, father…
She quickly flipped to another page, and she realized the whole truth after she saw next couple of lines that he written in the diary:

But I guess maybe I have done right decisions for Minty and her family. I used to be her mentor, and her family treated me so kind ever since her majesty allowed her to studying friendship at my home, how can I ruthlessly turn against her family?
My mind is empty, and I don't even know how to do…
While I'm still hesitating through running towards Stream and King Dawning, her majesty were no longer to bear the strength and which allowed Stream to bound the attack, and my eyes are immediately filled in tears while her majesty was almost got defeated. When her majesty escaped from Stream's attack, I finally seized the chances to kill him by stabbing his eyes and a slash with two sharp knives I made earlier for killing the king.
He suffered in serious injuries and loudly screamed after his eyes got blinded, then he claimed that he will never forgive me and King Dawning, but soon he realize he unable to attack us he found himself has gradually turned into stone then shattered apart. Some stone fragments flew towards her majesty, and I blocked all of it with magic (even my heels are still hit by stones).
After the brawl against Stream, I lose all of my energy and feeling dizzy, however the scenes between myself and Minty were still ranging in my mind. While I almost collapsed, her majesty immediately delivered a hoof to me. However even my hooves are no longer have strength, I'm still decided to draw the knife out, but he stopped me after seeing me planning to kill him.

"I know you are still hating me separate you and my daughter apart, but I did this is because of preventing Stream discover her getting a new boyfriend," Brighty narrated silently. "I know this is the most foolish thing that I ever did as a king and also a father, but if wasn't you who let my daughter left good impression on you, I may still recognize you as an enemy and never believes what you had done to her…"

Her majesty also stated that he saw his past figure self through me, so he did know how I feel about this forced situations. Through his speech, he slowly remove that knife from my hooves and threw it away, that finally made my cried then hug him, which he smiled back…

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