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Part 10/32 : When Couples Got Tested - Part VI

After a furious fight inside the cave, we decided to continuing our northbound journey. It took two days to reach the royal family's mansion. King Dawning and I slowly understand each other during the journey, however I'm still doubting myself for being able to make her happy or not…
After all, The king returned to Flare's castle and reunited with his family, while I returned home instead of follow him up because of my foolishness and regrets. I enclosed myself in the room then cry alone while still blaming myself for what I have done.
Until one day, I looked at the window then saw Minty arrived at outside my house. Soon she spotted me then teleports herself into my room, and I can't even imagined that she is searching me for a short while! As soon as she entered the room, she slapped me softly and then hold me tenderly, which I confused at the time.
She told me that she relinquished her title as the princess to stay with me forever, however she still can able to visit her castle anytime he want. She also give his letter to me.

"I have been expecting you, Spirit of Flame. All of my families were very appreciated you for saving me now, and I will never forget your kindness to my family…" Brighty read silently. "I, as a father, has accepted both you and my daughter's marriage as your reward, but I would also respect your decision to let you discover what you really wanting for in one year. Would you please tell me through her if you figured out?"
The scenes has turned back to the past, when Crimson read the king's message, he knelt to the ground and smiling through tears when looking at her.

The contents of his letter touched me, and I can't even believe that he agreed our marriage either! Even I'm still nervous, but I finally accepted her proposal then she hugged me tenderly. We smiled while looking at each other and blushed.
Since then on, Minty and I started a one-year cohabitation life with each other. When we disagree with each other, we both quarreled and ended with brake up; but when we missed each other, we each apologized and getting reconciled again.
One year later, we are married at Flare's castle. All ponies, including our family members, are cheered for us. Her dress she wore for that night was absolutely beautiful too, which makes her giggled alongside with full of crowds.
After our wedding ceremony is over, we sits at the rooftop and watching night sceneries. Just then, I suddenly kissed her during she did not paying attentions on me, which made her surprised and feel shy. Soon we looking at each other then gradually kissed each other.
Even if we have only fifteen years of marriage, but this is relatively the best moments that I ever experienced in my life! However, I wish Minty can forgive me after I leave her and my lovely children without talking to them that I have heart illness… hopefully someday they will.

After Brighty finished reading his diary, she felt cherished on father, and she finally feel sleepy after all. She soon crying in heart while she holding the diary and lying on her bed.
"Mummy is a princess…" she whispered in heart before falling asleep.
Crimson, Goldust and I woke up early in the next morning to pack up some foods for picnic. When I discovered Brighty has gone, I saw a letter and father s diary on her bed. I picked up the letter then realized that she left home for buying a present.
"Buy the present?" I confused. "But the stores near around here wasn't even open yet!"
"What did you said, Sol?" asks Goldust. "Bright Sky leave the house for buying something?"
But I seems noticed an arrow sign at bottom of the page. I flipped the page to the back and saw a tiny line that she wrote before she leave.
"What did she wrote?" Goldust asked me again.
Did both of you think mother would forgive father after 15 years of his disappearance? I narrated then gasped. "Hold on a second…"
Her question makes me remembered some flashbacks…

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