Last year I was worrying about my contribution streak will broken if I taking off of Chinese New Year vacation, but luckily with the help of my lovey mother's phone, my contribution got survived for the whole week and finally able to continue my contribution in this Wiki when I returned from vacation on February 10/11, 2016 by releasing "The Two Thrones I (5 -Main-)". 

And now, I would like to say that I'm taking time off of vacation once again for a week! But I can completely rest assured after all considering that I already got "Full-year badge" back in June last year, so I don't have to keep active on wiki while in vacation (But maybe I'll still return to comment on wiki). 

Before I go, I would like to say: HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone (even most of you are not Chinese). I will return to Wiki on January 30, 2017.