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-"Save Me A Spark" by Sleeping With Sirens
-"Sing Me To Sleep" by Alan Walker

"I dreamed of a pony who looks like Princess Snowlight enters real Snowlight's body!" Said Brighty, worried. "I don't know what happened there, but I think there was something to do with her avatar..."
I was listening through the whole time.
"Wait a minute..." I said, then gasped. "Could it mean...!?"
"I don't know either..." she murmured. "I just hope Snowlight..."
"Princess is gonna be okay, Brighty..." I sighed. "I was worried about her too, but we still have 15 days to defeat Nike, because I can precision by look at the moon's appearance through several night, especially when the full moon had appeared, my plan will be succeed," Then I looked at my cutie mark, which flashed a light over it. "Because... I could obtained both spirits of The Sun and The Moon as my energy."
When she looked at me, she smiled, "That's why you proved yourself can become the icon in Equestria, and I believes you will defeat Nike in perfect time."
"Thanks, my beloved sister," I said, smiled. "Now we had to sleep, because we needs to keep energetic tomorrow for you moving to my house, and find the legendary dagger! But yeah, I need to learn how to control the dagger's magic after I got the weapon..."
"Hum!" She nodded.

Meanwhile, Crimson walks to Village Chief's office for discussing about leaving the village. Chief ask about why, and he said he may founded his childrens. Chief first shocked, but then agreed, and remind him to ensure he's safe through his journey. When he came out, the villagers are crying at outside the chief's office. After he say goodbye to the villagers, he decided to visit my house, the place that he never visit since 15 years ago.
"I'm back, my beloved sons and daughter..." said Crimson, while walking.

I woken up in the next day. When I looked at the side, I realize Brighty was disappeared! I was worried at the moment. Suddenly, the door has opened, then surprised, Brighty appears in front of me! That makes me relieved.
"Good morning, Sol!" She greeted.
"Ha ha, I thought you were disappeared..." I laughed.
"Nope, I'm not leaving you behind!" She smiled. "Have some breakfast?"
I nodded, then I told her that I need to brush my teeth.
We are having our breakfast together, and I dramatically rediscover the scenes when I spent a time with my family back in the day, my eyes are eventually filled in tears. Brighty immediately dried my eyes, then told me that both she and I were not having meal together for years before recognizing each other, and she smiled as she tells me to stay optimistic. In that moment, my heart felts warm.
After we enjoyed the breakfast, I help her to pack up her stuffs, as she takes out her trunk for putting her favorite clothes into there. She showed me the picture that trio of us shooted a picture after I defeated Zayn, and she proves this is the scene where I grows stronger. After we packed up our stuff, we walks out from the house, and leave.
"This house contains all of me and my mother's memories, but I may never returned anytime soon... She cried. So I decided to sell this room, but I wish somepony will buy this room for charity. (To the villagers) Goodbye, ponies! I'll miss you all!"
"Stay strong, Brighty!" Said the villagers.
"I will," she smiled.
"So..." I interrupted, "Let's go to Light Shelter!"
"Light Shelter?" She confused.
"Oh, that was my home's name," I replied. That makes her laughed, and wondering who named his house.
On the way to my home, Brighty ask everything about me, such as the questions that I already asked her, and she mostly seems interested on my cutie mark.
"Your cutie mark seems really special..." She said, embraced. "Royal Sister's cutie mark were now appeared as your cutie mark. I wonder you are able to raise the sun and the moon..."
"So you mean I'm try to use my invincible body to block the assault or stop the bullets with my teeth?" I asked.
She laughed harder than usual. "What? Not everypony can be the immortal pony, Sol. Even you are an Alicorn, but that doesn't makes yourself to become an immortal."
"Yep, I think so."
"But how do you got your cutie mark?"
"My cutie mark was actually... randomly appeared after I woke up from unconscious at 5 days after losing my–our mother. The only thing I know was : I randomly feels some strange energy swirls around me, then my body is glowing through flank. When I open my eyes, I was saw a half sun, half moon shaped cutie mark was appeared on my flank! At first I was confused about why I gained this cutie mark, and I don't understand what my destiny is gonna be."
"It may be have some reasons what makes you gain your cutie mark. Like, you were being special, and it may be your previous li... Oops, no offence."
"No taken, but I wish I will find out the truths about my cutie mark someday..."
She smiled on me again. "Good luck."

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