I followed her to the park that she and mother visited together. She said mom always brought her here to watch a sunset when she was young.
"I actually never have time to watch a sunset," I sighed. "Even I did have a free time, but I always missed the good timing for watching a beautiful sunset at evening due to either windstorm or rain..."
"And now it's the perfect time!" She grinned while wave her hoof at the clock nearby, I saw the clock on the park entrance said 6pm. Soon she said this was the perfect timing to watch sunset, then she brought me to a stone bench. We sat there and chatting to each other while waiting for the sun set.
"This is the first time I watch the sunset in my entire life," I cheered.
"See? You feels better now!" She said while look at me then grinned. "Hey, look!"
We spent an evening to watch sunset until the sky has turned dark. Through her experience, I finally started to love watching the sceneries, because it let me learn something emotional, and admired the scene's nature. Thanks to my lovely sister, who let my life become more colorful.
"Isn't sunset so beautiful?" She asked.
"Yes, it truly is..." I replied, then saw my cutie mark is glowing. She admires that it glows because I have discovered the truest part of myself.
"Now we had to go home for dinner, we don't want to let them worry us!" She worried then decides to run, but I told her to stop and pointing my horn to her by whispering: "You don't know I can able to teleport?" I uses magic to teleports myself and Bright Sky back to outside the house.
"We are back, mom!" called Brighty, while opening the door.
"Oh, you two are back!" grinned Mrs Wrist. "Would you two join the dinner with us?
"Absolutely sure!" We grinned. Brighty's grin is even wider. "I like the meals you cooked!"
"Aww, don't said that..." Mrs Wrist blushed.

After dinner, the Wrist family were doing their stuffs at hall, while Bright Sky and I were staying at room. I lied on my bed and take a rest while she reading her storybooks at front of her desk.
"...It has something to do with Snowlight's avatar in that dream..." Brighty's words was still rungs in my head, and I can't figured out at time. When I closed my eyes, the scenes has turned into a dream world where she saw Snowlight. I didn't saw her, but saw Snowlight was groaned in pain while she covering her belly. Soon I saw all the weird stuffs around the grassland at the same time!
"The Sun... the maple trees... the signal flares..." I murmuring to myself while looking around me, then I shocked, realizing those objects could possibly hinted something else! I tried to called out her name, but my voice has temporary lost! Soon I saw her float to the air, and her body is glowing as well!
"Welcome to this world... little filly" said Snowlight. Then she seems releasing a mysterious power insides her, then I blowed away by the force from it.
"Princess Snowlight!!!" I cried in heart.
At the brief seconds, I returned to reality and I awaked from dream. Brighty noticed, then try to comfort me.
"Are you alright?" She asked me, worried. "You seem sweating through resting..."
"I'm fine," I assured her when took a deep breath. "I guess I have a same dream that you have dreamed."
"Oh gosh..." she gasped when she listening from me. "Can you tell me what happened to Snowlight when you saw her in dream?"

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