I went upstairs to the third floor then run up to greet my siblings and friends. All of them are cheering and congratulating me on defeated Nike. However, I was still confused about the fetal dreams that I dreamed was true or not.
"Snowy, I was thinking about this since very long time..." I shrugged. "You did not got married with somepony, but why are you still got a baby?"
"It was actually my mother's one half of twin sisters, but now she was growing in my body..." said Snowlight.
"How is this... possible?" Brighty shockingly ask.
"When I was a filly, my mother tells that me and the baby inside me were originally a pair of twin sisters, but the baby was never growing up and stick into my body, causing her mistakenly thought another baby was dead," said Snowlight while touching her belly. "But now she seems start to regrown inside my body, so that means she is now my daughter."
"Aww... congratulations, Princess!" Skyla and Scores grinned.
"We can't wait to see your little foal!" said Bright Sky.
"That means... all of us would likely going to be related with her?" I asked.
"Of course, but except your friends."
I hold Snowlight on tight while keep thanking on her, and she smiled at the time.

While my family and friends are resting at the subway station, I sit at the rooftop and looking at top of the sky while I'm still thinking about what my life would overcome in the future. Snowlight walk closer then sitting on my side.
"Can I ask you a favor?" She ask in curious. "How do you know that I have a baby?"
"I know that baby was not my children..." I reply to her, feeling nervous. "But I do know that is because Brighty and I have dreamed of a fetal dream about you, so..."
"So you two already know this all along?"
"Yes, sort of..." I shrugged. "Maybe I can try to be her nominal father (the pony that adopts a children but was not known as the father)?"
"You can treat the baby as friend!" She cheered. After that she felt a little uncomfortable and felt like trying to vomit.
"See? It happens when you have a baby..." I said while comfort her. "You better to take a rest during your pregnancy."
"But what about those stuffs that I'm working on?" She asked, worried. "If I decides to take rests, then who can able to take over my status as the ruler of castle?"
"I guess Duke Stalemate can handle this after all," I pointed Stalemate out. "He once told you before that he hope to be the ruler of castle for very long time, like... almost 18 years since you ruled the castle."
"I know, he once planned to dethrone me then crowned himself as king, but I luckily solved his secrets by having a conversation with him. He even did promised me that he won't knock me down in bad way too, so I guess I can trust him much more to be crowned as the newest ruler of Flare's Castle."
"Flare's Castle?" I confused. "Why didn't I heard that before?"
"That's because I didn't tell you about that since all of you first visits my home!" She said cheerily, before she once again feel sick and vomiting, this let me exhausted while trying to comfort her.
"I think I have severe morning sickness phenomenon," She exhausted, while still vomiting. "Perhaps it was because I had just become a mother..."
"You still had go back to room for rest, hope it will be a little more comfortable. As I am one of your friends, either me or Stalemate have responsibilities to take care of you all round until the baby was born."
"Thanks, Solunar. I had to rest now, see you later before leaving."
And I smiled on her.

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