Seeing me did not response, Brighty turned her attention to that pony. Just then, he finally start to speak, and he looks like wanted to talk with me.
"Solunar..." He said while removing his hook, and surprisingly revealed as Scorch Fire, who was already killed by Nike back when the day of Nike's release. "Do you miss me?"
"Scorch?" I massively surprised when I saw him, and my eyes are eventually filled in tears. "How can you... come back from the dead?"
"It's got to start from the moment you put my dead body in an empty room and leave..." He began narrated. "About 30 minutes after you leaved, I can feel a mysterious light beam reflected to me. Strangely, my gunshot wound was cured by the beam in a short time, and it brought me back from the dead..." Then his experience of his resurrection brought me into his scene.

"I promise you to kill him to help you revenge, so you can rest assured to me..." I said, then leaved.
"I thought the serious gunshot wound has damaged me to dead," He voiceover the situation. "But when it has cured, my body seems like nothing happening when I woke up then look at myself."
"Uhh!" Scorch suddenly awaked then breathing hard. "(Pant) Why am I not death yet?"
Scorch looking at himself and discover his gunshot wound has disappeared and his wings has now look more stylish than before. When he stood up then walk out from house, he heard a voice from his ear...
Congratulations on your completion of my trial, little stallion. I completed your personal data collection in your heart. Even after hours, you become a hated pony because of a misunderstanding, but fortunately you later discovered your mistake through a friend and solved the misunderstanding and the courage to admit their mistakes. You also sacrifice yourself for the safety of your friends, which deserves praise... Said the voice.
"Who are you?" He asked the voice. "Why do you do this to me?"
That doesn't matter, the voice said. Because you have touched me for a friend's sacrifice, so I will give you a second life. I hope you do not repeat the mistakes again, okay?
"Hum!" He smiled.

"So that is why I wore a cloak to makes you a surprise in front of you," said Scorch. "I know I regret because I tried to hurt you in the past, but since I got the second chance, I started to want to be a good pony like you. I can be resurrected because of you, so I hope I can do something to right my mistakes for rest of my lifetime or fix my friendship with you, Skyla and Scores..."
My tears flowed out in that moment, and I snuggled him tight. "I'm glad to see you revived, my friend..."
"Of course. I can't even believe that too!" He cheered. "I'll see you tomorrow for telling more, and now I have to leave for meeting Skyla and Scores now." After he said that, he waves me goodbye then ran away.
"This is really a good thing!" Brighty said happily to me.
"Yeah," I said, smiling. "Now I know one's friendship can turn into some kind of energy which able to let the others resurrected from dying situation, but it only happens in such miracles."
"So you mean... you believes in Miracles of Friendship now?" She asked.
"Sort of, but not being to accept yet..." I murmured, then yawned.
"I could had to went on sleep now, I guess I'll see you tomorrow..." Brighty yawned then head back to her room, as well as me go back to my room for rest.
"Believe in miracles of friendship, huh?" I asked myself happily when I repeated her words. "It's pretty best for ponies' social communities..."
When I entered the room, I was wondering who actually saved Scorch...

End of Chapter XVII····

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