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When Pinkie heard this, she grinned then jumping happily. "Yes! Yes I do!" Pinkie exclaimed then turn sighed. "But there is something that I must do in my lifetime..."
"What is it?" I asked her.
"I actually plan to spend two years on my world tour," she sighed. "That is a dream that I want to achieve since I held my first ever party in my house, Now I want to implement it, and then return to your side as one of the most popular party planner in Equestria!"
A gust of wind blew to us softly, and I admired on her while hearing her ambition. "I don't know you have such a great dream for years..." I said, admiring on her.
"I know right?" She blushed again. "But that means we had to separate apart for next two years..."
"At least we have some pictures including you and me to let us remember each other," I said.
"Well, I had to go now... Hope we can met each other again at someday."
When we walk away separately, Pinkie suddenly turn back then shouting my name. When I turn back, I realize Pinkie once again run towards then deliver a kiss on me. I shocked when I got kissed by her for the third time.
"I love you so much!" smiled Pinkie, before she walks away. "(To herself) I promise you to bring a big surprise to you when I returned..."
Meanwhile, I was still stunned in the place after she kissed me. Brighty stepped up then tries to talk with me.
"Am I... recieved a goodbye kiss from her?" I ask Brighty.
"Yeah, sort of..." replied Brighty, giggling. "But looks like somepony's face is getting red because of that kiss!"
"No I don't!" I blurted. "I'm just... stunned."
"I bet you definitely crushed on her, right? "Goldust asked.
"Since our first kiss, yeah..." I blushed while turning my head to the side. "15 years ago, we separated to the different places. And now, we are reunited as family through this journey. From now on, trio of us will never be parted each other again!"
"Of course, because we are Light's family!" They cheered, then we touched our horns together. After minutes of laughter, we decides to return home.
"I can't wait to see our father!" Goldust said happily while heading home. "He must been worrying us!"

About an hour later, we finally came home. Goldust was very nervous while trying to knock the door, while Brighty's grin is even wider.
Meanwhile at inside the house, Crimson was heard Goldust knocking the door. When he arrived then open the door, he was surprised to see us return home.
"Dad!" Goldust exclaimed then hug Crimson.
"I can't believe you're still alive, Goldy!" He smiled through tears. "Where have you been during these 15 years?"
"I've been trapped by demons, and got possessed by a creature. But now it's over now..."
"Good. Glad you all were returned home safely... (To me) Have you and your friends tracked him down?"
"Yes," I replied. "And he's shattered into pieces, but I was still afraid of something..."
"Afraid of what?" Brighty asked.
"His body may got destroyed, but I afraid of his remaining soul will returned and having his revenge on me someday... I just hope it won't be happened..."
"It's alright, my son..." Crimson comforts me. "Everything is going to be fine. By the way, why are you blushing?"
"He recently got kissed by Pinkie Pie!" She exclaimed.
"Brighty..." I stared on her.
"Oh, I guess she really loves you so much... where is she?"
"She left me to go on her world tour for two years..." I said, upsetting. "By that time will you promise me and her marriage?"
"Wait until she comes back to talk about it, okay?" He asked back, and I nodded. "You all look tired from your journey, so you all can now go to rest."
"Yay!" They cheered, then divided to three-way to do our own thing.

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