My writing skills as bad as I thought.
My essay writing skills was actually my weakness.
Earlier today, at Chinese language lesson, my teacher spotted my weakness : sucks at writing an essay. You know me, Chinese language subject was really hard, even most of the students can't survived at this subject, and I was an example as well. I can write both versions of CYOA's "The Two Thrones" because of my creative, efforts, free-timing, and realistic ideas. But in the limited time slots at exam, my mind has suddenly empty, and I have no idea about how to write an essay in the exam!
Mrs. Lee, a teacher which teach me in Chinese lesson when I was in Form 3 and Form 5(recent). She knew why I can't writing an essay, because I was lack of language writing skills (except English, which was used to write T2T), so she let me stay at teacher's office today and tomorrow's noon for looking at the module books which all about essays, and she lets me writing down on practice book. At first, I was agrued in heart : why does she want me to stay for look at the essay module? It doesn't make any sense! But during I silently reading the essay that she pointed, I realized that : she actually hopes me to improve my writing skill! I soon to know that, I may NOT the worst person in the world from her thought, just because she hope I can passed the test someday (even I passed the first test since 2014's first test), I have nothing to say to her...
She may already know I'm writing T2T, that story may can't defeat Creeperfan's MLA, but this was received a netural response, especially Black the Mage, and AlicornTwilightSparkle, and of course, Fruity Treeze. As for the conclusion, she was really care of my writing skills, she hopes me to read more about writing-related books to inspires the ideas, and performing at the future exams, including the exam which has most important in my life : Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM).
I promise I'll never let her down, even I failed the test, but I'll never give up. Believe that.

This was also my 75th blogpost!
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