If you haven't watch My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Friendship Games, this blog's context would be the spoilers...

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Twilight Meets Sci-Twi EG3

->In Friendship Games pre-credit scene, Princess Twilight came out from the portal, and apologize to Sunset for late reply to her because she(Princess Twilight) being stuck with time travel loop, stated that it was the strangest thing happend to her. But then, Princess Twilight see her doppelganger. I was wondering, is this the spoilers for EG4, or the others? 

->After Sci-Twi drained Pinkie's magic, her pendant opens a small dimension rift, and she saw the Everfree Forest (from Equestria). That scenes seems also spoiled about the next EG film's plot, or other things...

->Sci-Twi was mentioned 'Everton' (Some nation's place name/Some sport club's name) during she want to attempt 'Independent Study Program'. I don't think EG4 was really involved with Everfree Forest/Everton.

->What if one day, Principal Cinch post anything on School Board, I don't even want to guess what happends next ...

What I mean is, Friendship Games was the conclusion of the first 2 films(EG,RR), but I think that FG was actually spoil the Season 5 finale, but didn't spoil any infos about EG4...and I still think that 'Legend of Everfree' wasn't suitable for EG4's title. Wish we can heard more information at next year's NYC toy fair.

My previous blogs was also talked about EG4/LoE, this time I would do the same as previous blogs did.

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What the 'Equestria Girls 4' movie's title would be like?

My Little Pony Equestria Girls : Legend of Everfree - 23.33% (7 votes)

Another name, instead of LoE. - 3.33% (1 vote)

Won't suggesting until staff officially announcing EG4. - 73.33% (22 votes)

Total : 30 votes

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