#01 : Allspark Picture's future

JEM and the holograms (Allspark Pictures' first feature film),was receiving bad reviews, causing this film have a failure success...

I really worried about the future,especially MLP:The Movie,which is an upcoming full-length animated feature film release in 2017.I really afraid that feature film could also fail like I hope this(MLP: The Movie) will have a big success,and I hope MLP feature film's budget won't be too much.

p.s.: MLP : The Movie was developed by Hasbro Studios & Allspark Pictures,directed by Jayson Thiessen,animated by Toon Boom Animation,distributed by Lionsgate (Worldwide) and China Film Group Corporation(China, translated to chinese as 中国电影集团).

-Poll #1 : Reaction- Results(not involved with the film):Are you exciting for "My Little Pony : The Movie (tentiative title)"?

Yes,I'm very excited! - 69.35% (43 votes)

Yes,I'm excited! - 11.29% (7 votes)

Yes,I'm little bit excited. - 8.06% (5 votes)

No,but I think it could be excited. - 4.84% (3 votes)

No,I'm not excited,but I'll watch it. - 4.84% (3 votes)

No,I'm never excited. - 1.61% (1 vote)

Total : 62 votes

#02 : Feature Film's name

Recently(I don't know when is it),Hasbro registered a treadmark,called 'Guardians of Harmony'.I don't know GoH was a fake or not,but it could be possibility be the subtitle for MLP:The Movie,or I think MLP:The Movie will have a completely named with another new name instead of GoH,or even be called 'The Movie',or just simply called,'My Little Pony'.

-Poll #2 : Naming the title- Results (not involved with the film):What name will the Feature Film be like?

'MLP : Guardians of Harmony' - 24.92% (14 votes)

Another name, instead of Guardians of Harmony - 42.31% (22 votes)

'My Little Pony : The Movie' - 28.85% (15 votes)

Just called 'My Little Pony' -1.92% (1 vote)

Total : 52 votes

#03 : Kristin Chenoweth's character role

As we know,the mane 6's voice actress will be reprising their roles in MLP : The Movie,but there's an all new character will be voiced by Tony and Emmy Awards' winning actress -- Kristin Chenoweth(It will be very excited!),but we currently don't know what character she will be voicing...

-Poll #3 : Character role- Results (not involved with the film):Chenoweth's character could be...

Protagonist - 64.95% (25 votes)

Antagonist - 17.95% (7 votes)

Anti-Hero - 17.95% (7 votes)

Total : 39 votes

#04 : The Antagonists

Every seasons of 'MLP:Friendship is Magic' (season premiere[except season 1 & 3] and finale)have appearing villians/antagonists.But the feature film need to be more excited, that needs an greatest antagonist to used on 'MLP:The Movie'. Even Sony leaked the imagining villian m,named Cosmos, but I still don't wan't to believed from Sony.

So,what villian/antagonist will be?

-Poll #4 : Villian/Antagonist- Results (not involved with the film): MLP:The Movie's villian/antagonist could be...

Cosmos - 10.53% (4 votes)

A returning villian/antagonist from FiM - 5.26% (2 votes)

An all new villian/antagonist we never seen before - 84.21% (32 votes)

An monstrous villian - 0% (no votes)

Total : 38 votes

#05 : Film's Animation

Previous blog article:User blog:Choong57/Try to trusting Toon Boom

Previously,I was posted a blog about the film's animation.The feature film's animation was confirmed to be animated by Toon Boom Animation. Jasonbres said the feature film's animation would be 'smoother' than we seen on MLP:FiM,but I currently still doesn't know what is that mean...So I want to asked about: How will the charather's design fresher than ever before? (typed the anwsers in the comment box below.)

-Poll #5 : Animation- Results (not involved with the film):Do you think 'MLP:FiM' animated using Flash was too "out-to-date"?

Yes - 0% (no votes)

Still a little bit - 21.21% (7 votes)

No - 78.79% (26 votes)

Total : 33 votes

#06 : Live Orchestral Musical Score?

When I was 16 years old, I was heard the orchestra music from other's animated film and live-action film's orchestral music score),and I hope MLP:The Movie will be works with orchestral music score as well. At August 1,at Galacon,Daniel Ingram confirmed that MLP:The Movie will be recorded with fully orchestra,and I was really excited to heard the live orchestra on that featured film!And I really hope the music in featured film would be better than we heard from MLP:FiM/MLPEG series.

-Poll #6 : Music- Results (not involved with the film):Synthesized scores and Orchestral scores, which one was better?

Synthesized Scores - 4.17% (1 vote)

Orchestral Scores - 95.83% (23 votes)

Total : 24 votes

#07 : Same Staff, Same Cast, but With Bigger Plot?

Currently, we have already know that 'MLP:The Movie' will be directed by Jayson Thiesson, the voice actresses which will reprising their roles as well. With the staff which worked in MLP:FiM before, the feature film could be more safety. Although the film was based on MLP:FiM, but the staff can't let them think the film just an extended episode,so I hope the film would be juicer, more exciting, and be original(closer to the show); with Toon Boom, the animation would be smoother; with orchestral musical scores, the film would be realistic, so I hope it will be have a great success than EG films, they won't let us down.

I know some users talked to me before,but I'll asked this publicly...

-Poll #7 : Plot- Results (not involved with the film):Could we'll see a darker plot in MLP:The Movie(Tentiative Title)?

Definitely! - 14.29% (2 votes)

Yes. - 71.43% (10 votes)

No. - 14.29% (2 votes)

Total : 14 votes

#08 : Official Website for MLP Feature

Previous blog article:User blog:Choong57/MLP Featured Film in 2017

Every movie has it's website, even MLP as well. Hasbro has registered '' domain website sometimes ago, and it's currently didn't officially open yet. We still didnht know about the official name for MLP:The Movie, but that website could be -- or would be connected around that featured film. Comment your anwsers below to hearing about your thought on MLP:The Movie's website.

Here we have 2 polls in #8, for asking about MLP:The Movie's website (not involved with the film):

-8(1) : Official Website's Info- Results : If MLP:The Movie's website was officially opened, which content you want to see first?

Only 2 options voted by people:

First teaser for MLP Feature. - 80% (8 votes)

Teaser background for MLP Feature. - 20% (2 votes)

Total : 10 votes

-8(2) : Official Website Release- Results : Feature Film's website could be officially opened...

All voters are chosen : At specific date

Total : 7 votes

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