For previous 8 (#1 - #8) topics about predictions and expectations for MLP:The Movie, see User blog:Choong57/Worrying about MLP:The Movie 2017.

I need to apologize to all of you because I almost overkilling my most-commenting blogs,I was feared that the blog could be reaching a limit,so instead of continuing to typing a new topic over there, I decided to creating a new blog to continue discussing about MLP:The Movie. I...was really sorry.But,all of you can still voting and commenting on here until all of the polls has been closed (be sure to be quickly), I really thanks everyone of you voting.

So, It started all over again...:

Main Topics

#09 (5th last topic) : Impression From Feature...

Some of the feature films could be started to release it's first trailer/teaser for the film itself. The viewers could be having their first impression about those feature films, some of them are positive, some of them are negative...I think I will doing a first impression about the 1st teaser for MLP:The Movie when it released (not at blogpost,not at Youtube, but at other blog's comment.).

-Poll #9 : Impression- Results (not involved with the film): Could 'MLP:The Movie' be receving a big success?

Definitely be! - 38.46% (10 votes)

Will be. - 0% (0 votes)

Maybe... - 57.69% (15 votes)

Won't be. - 3.85% (1 vote)

Total : 26 votes

#10 (4th last topic) : MLP Feature's Adjust Budget

Sometimes, the film's box office need to be fight against the film's budget, no matter that film's reception are positive or negative, if the film's box office was more than it's budget,the film will be success, just like 'Transformers : Age of Extinction'(most negative review's movie, but it's box office was earned 1 billion dollars worldwide(currently)). By the way, MLP:The Movie's budget seems doesn't announced yet.

-Poll #10 : Budget Adjustment- Results (not involved with the film): MLP Feature was an animated film,and it's budget could be adjust...

Between $10,000 to $1M? - 20% (3 votes)

Between $1M to $5M? - 66.67% (10 votes)

Over 5 Million? - 13.33% (2 votes)

Total : 15 votes

Topic #4 closed too fast,so I'll do not one, but two topics on the blog.

#11 (3rd last topic) : Film's soundtrack possibility

I know MLP Feature Film isn't related to MLPEG series, but I could be thinking about soundtrack. Since MLP:FiM series and MLPEG series have it's own soundtrack album, and there are few songs on the soundtracks, and what I'm think about is,this animated feature film(MLP:The Movie) could also need releasing soundtrack, right?

-Poll #11 : Soundtrack- Results (not involved with the film):Will Composer officially release Feature Film's original soundtrack?

Maybe Will. - 92.86% (13 votes)

Maybe Won't. - 7.14% (1 vote)

Total : 14 votes

#12 (2nd last topic) : Songs in MLP Feature 2017

A movie can't without the music/songs of course, just like every film(including MLPEG series). I hope there's having a bunch of songs, which recorded with the live orchestra, but hoping not too much, just a bunch of songs,which those can fit into the film. Are you have same thought as me,or different thought?

-Poll #12 : Songs- Results (not involved with the film) :How many songs you would like to heard on MLP Feature?

Over 5 songs - 16.67% (3 votes)

Over 10 songs - 61.11% (11 votes)

Over 15 songs - 11.11% (2 votes)

As more as usual - 11.11% (2 votes)

Total : 18 votes

Seems the votes was less than usual, I would like to end-up this blog, forgive me to do the last topic on this blog...

#13-I (Final Topic, Kickoff) : Film's Release Date...

Since MLP:The Movie will be slated for release in 2017, we're started to waiting for the film. At Ponycon AU 2015, Meghan McCarthy said that March 2017 was the time frame they aiming to release, but I still don't believe that. I could wait until Hasbro officially giving a release date for the feature film.

EDIT: And now Hasbro has confirmed 'MLP:The Movie' will be released in November 3rd, 2017.

-Poll 13[1] : Release- (not involved with the film):Do you think when 'MLP:The Movie' will be released in theaters?

Spring 2017 - 57.14% (8 votes)

Summer 2017 - 42.86% (6 votes)

Total : 14 votes

And finally, today's topic will be the final topic for asking about MLP:The Movie. Past 16 days ago, I was worrying about that film's future, but after here some users' opinion, I calmed down, and started don't worrying about that anymore, thanks everyone.
After this topic, I'll not talking about that film, until the first official teaser about that film release.

#13-II (Final Topic) : Full-Length Story, Fully Exciting!

"My Little Pony : The Movie (tentiative title)" is a full-length animated film, which scheduled to release in 2017. Because it's a full-length story, so it would be longer than previous EG films (not to mentioned MLP:The Movie(1986)). It doesn't matter how long the story would be like, but most importantly, a success film must be have a great story. I will hope the staff won't let us dissapointed...

Here's the last poll (not involved with the film):How long the MLP Feature Film would be like?

About 60 - 75 minutes - 0% (0 votes)

About 75 - 90 minutes - 70% (7 votes)

About 90 - 120 minutes - 30% (3 votes)

Total : 10 votes

Xtra Topics

Before I finished this blog, I'll do 2 polls about your expectation for EG4 (or LoE)...

#X1 (1st Xtra) :  About EG : LoE

External Blog : User blog:Choong57/What the 'Equestria Girls 4' movie's title would be like?

Related comments : User blog:Katmare Sparkles/EVERFREE FOREST

Hasbro has announced that EG4 was currently in delevopment. I think EG4 was take place at sometimes after the third movie ,'Friendship Games'. According to Mr.Stephen, they have started to think differently. Maybe EG4 won't involving Cinch, Shadowbolts, but it could be take place in the school, when Princess Twilight meet her doppelganger (Sci-Twi), or other else. Also, on August 4, Hasbro has listed a name called 'Equestria Girls : Legend of Everfree',and I have no idea for LoE would become the title for EG4 or not. Now I didn't worried about MLP:The Movie anymore, I hope this full-length animated film can be success, and I hope all of these mystery can be anwsered on next year's NYC toy fair. 

-Poll #X1 : EG's Future Lineup- :Would you think that Legend of Everfree is the title for...

Equestria Girls 4?('16) - 87.5% (14 votes)

EG Spin-off? (Unconfirm) - 12.5% (2 votes)

Total : 16 votes

#X2 (2nd Xtra) : Every Theme/Event, But Future EG?

Every EG films has a theme/event, such as 'Equestria Girls' arounding the high school theme/dance event, 'Rainbow Rocks' arounding a music theme/Battle of the Bands event, and 'Friendship Games' arounding sports theme/School Games. I was wondering, the staff need to think a completely different way for EG4, am I right?

-Poll #X2 : EG's Future Story- : Will Sunset back to Equestria?

Yes, for a long staying. - 16.67% (2 votes)

Yes, just for a short visit. - 50% (6 votes)

Yes, she can return whenever she like. - 8.33%(1 vote)

No, for staying at human world. - 25% (3 votes)

Total : 12 votes