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    A lot of people have been asking "What do you want to see in season 4?", since the current season is almost over, only 3 episodes left. So, this is what I want to see in Season 4. Write what you want to see in the next season in the comments below.

    1. Gilda returns, and maybe becomes good.
    2. Backstory episode of Zecora.
    3. More episodes with Derpy as a background pony. (With derped-eyes of course)
    4. Lightning Dust returns, maybe turns good, though I want Gilda to turn good more then i want Lightning Dust to turn good.
    5. Backstory episode of Diamond Tiara. I really want to know how she became a big bully.
    6. More of Spike's past revealed.
    7. Backstory episode of Princess Celestia.
    8. Princess Skyla appears in the show, maybe as Shining Armor and Princess Cadance's daug…
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