Iron Pony is an episode that airs in the 3rd season of MLP: FiM. It is a parody of the movie Iron Man.
FANMADE ponystark

Rainbow Dash in her Iron Pony suit, mask on.


Rainbow Dash is going over to see some friends. However, she is kidnapped by a group of horses that force her to be their servant. But in her dungeon, Rainbow Dash builds a metal suit that can shoot lasers out of her hooves, enhances her flight capability, and gives her superhuman strength.

Rainbow Dash breaks out of her cell, and destroy all that stands in her way. The horses try to stop her, but they are no match. She activates her suit's flight systems and flies back to Ponyville. Rainbow Dash shows her suit to her friends, all of which are very impressed. Eventually, Rainbo
FANMADE Iron Pony Unmasked

Rainbow Dash in Iron Pony suit, mask off

w Dash dubs herself "Iron Pony" and decides to use her armor to fight crime and defend Ponyville from all threats.

Then a montage is shown showing Iron Pony battling the forces of evil. She beats up a monster that's attacking the city, stops a criminal mastermind from fufilling his plan, and helps Pinkie Pie get her pet alligator out of a tree.

Rainbow Dash has never felt this good. She goes to a ceremony celebrating the peace she has brought to Ponyville. But strong winds knock an telephone wire down, which electrocutes Rainbow Dash, while she's in her suit. Suddenly, this causes the suit to malfunction and go out of control. Rainbow Dash unwillingly goes on a rampage through Ponyville, under the control of her own Iron Pony suit. Rainbow Dash is terrified of what is happening to her and the town. Princess Celestia tries to help, but even she can't stop the suit. The other ponies discover the only way to shut down the suit is to press a small button on its back. But with Rainbow Dash moving so fast, they need to slow her down.

Fluttershy tries to distract Rainbow Dash by fighting her. But Rainbow Dash overpowers Fluttershy. Horrified at what she's done, Rainbow Dash regains control of the suit, allowing Princess Celestia to shut it down.

Rainbow Dash apologizes for what happened and decides to help fix the destruction she's caused during the rampage. First, they bury the Iron Pony suit.

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