• CoconutSmoothie

    When she moved to Ponyville

    Coconut Smoothie moved to Ponyville from Los Pegasus About 1 year after she got her cutie mark, which is a palm tree. Her mother was an earth pony, but her father was a pegasus. She got her cutie mark because she loves to make coconut drinks. Her best friend after moving to Ponyville is Truffle Shuffle, when he tried her now famous Coconut Milkshake. She loves to fly, and dislikes reading. She has a wing power of 11.3, on average. Ever since she heard about Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom, She has been trying her hardest to make one herself. She, like Scootaloo, looks up to Rainbow like a role model. Truffle often makes her eat with him,(because he kind of has a crush on her...) but Coconut can't stand sitting arou…

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