When she moved to Ponyville

Coconut Smoothie moved to Ponyville from Los Pegasus About 1 year after she got her cutie mark, which is a palm tree. Her mother was an earth pony, but her father was a pegasus. She got her cutie mark because she loves to make coconut drinks. Her best friend after moving to Ponyville is Truffle Shuffle, when he tried her now famous Coconut Milkshake. She loves to fly, and dislikes reading. She has a wing power of 11.3, on average. Ever since she heard about Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom, She has been trying her hardest to make one herself. She, like Scootaloo, looks up to Rainbow like a role model. Truffle often makes her eat with him,(because he kind of has a crush on her...) but Coconut can't stand sitting around for too long. When Pinkie Pie set up a welcoming party, Pinkie set it up outside, so Coconut could fly around.

Appearance & personality

Coconut Smoothie has a light blue coat, with a darker blue, and a deeper blue mane. Her eyes are blue-green, and she has a dark blue bow. Her hair is flowing and her tail is spiky. Her cutie mark is a palm tree on an island. She loves to fly, and to run, but doesn't like sitting down or standing in one place for too long, thus her dislike for reading. She is very jumpy and likes making coconut drinks while pacing around a room. She likes to eat because she flies around so much.


Coconut Smoothie is a very competitive pony. She won the junior competition for the 'Best Young Flier' competition. She also won first place in the Annual Los Pegasus Tornado Tournament. Whoever made the biggest tornado, which could not be too big, would win! She also won 3rd place with her Signature Coconut Milkshake at the annual Los Pegasus Sweet Drink Competition Junior Category.

Adventures in Ponyville

Meeting Truffle Shuffle

Upon moving to Ponyville, I had no friends. Everypony kept staring at me, and one especially pink pony took a huge intake of breath upon seeing me. I decided to try the school. Another pink pony and her grey friend laughed at me, calling me the new kid. Sure, I am the new kid, but the way they mocked me... Anyway, when I went inside, everypony looked at me, gawking. Then the teacher came and asked me what my name was, and where I was from. I answered "C-Coconut Smoothie. I moved here f-from Los Pegasus." 
Everyone started murmuring to each other. Then, a rather chubby colt clapped. Everyone followed his lead. I smiled sheepishly, and waved. I then moved to my seat. The teacher introduced herself as Miss Cheerilee. Miss Cheerilee taught us about architecture. It was an interesting lesson about historical buildings, like The Smithponian Museum. 

After the lesson, I flew to my new home as quick as I could. I decided to sell my signature coconut milkshake. A couple ponies tried it, and they declared that this was the best milkshake they tasted! Soon, everypony was lining up to try my drink, including that chubby colt who first clapped for me at school. He said "Wow! This milkshake is amazing! My name is Truffle Shuffle. Is it true you came from Los Pegasus?" I replied, "Why, yes! I can't believe milkshake is this good! It's my signature coconut milkshake. It won third at the annual Los Pegasus Sweet Drink Competition Junior Category." "Gosh," Said Truffle, "I knew it was good, but that is awesome! Wanna come to my house for a visit?" "Sure!"

 After everypony got my drink, I dashed over to Truffle's house. But before I could get there I heard something going on by the school. "C'mon Diamond Tiara, please don't do it! What would everypony think..." "Hahaha! I don't care! Just do what I told you and we'll get along splendidly." I flew over and said, "Just what is going on?"
It was Truffle Shuffle, and that pink pony who mocked me! "Uh oh, I've been caught!" and she ran off. I flew down to the ground. "What is going on?" I asked. Truffle said "Oh, Coconut, it's just awful! Diamond Tiara wants me to get Featherweight out of being editor-in-chief! She's threatened me by saying she will slip in some embarrasing photos of me..." he sniffed. I said, "Just tell Featherweight & Miss Cheerilee to keep an extra eye on her. C'mon, let's go to your house."

 We walked over to his house. Truffle offered me some dinner and we ate some. My legs started to itch for sitting down too long. "That was delicious, but I have really got to go. See you, Truffle Shuffle!" I flew home as fast as I could.

I was almost at my house when I was greeted by a sudden burst of noise. I stood there, dumbstruck. It was an outdoor party! I flew down to look around. That pink pony that gasped at me hopped over to me. "Hi there! I'm Pinkie Pie! I saw you and I didn't reckognize you so I thought you might be lonely so I decided to give you a welcoming party so that you would have lots and lots of friends! What's your name anyway?" "Uh... Coconut Smoothie. So this is a party? Okay... Oh! I know! I'll get some of my Signature Coconut Milkshakes!" I dashed over and got some of my milkshakes. I had a great time, and made lots of friends, including a mare named Colgate. This was even better than when I got first place at the Annual Los Pegasus Filly Flying Competition! There was racing, games, cakoe and punch!

 Finally, When the party was over, everypony left, and I went inside my house. I was tired and wanted to get to bed. But someone stopped me. It was the pink filly, Diamond Tiara. "Hey, new kid. You want to be popular? Well, all you have to do is convince Featherweight to step out of being editor-in-chief. You in?" She asked. I answered, "Hmm, let me think, how about... No." "NO?!? Why you!" "Why don't you let me sleep? I am quite tired. Good night." She stormed off. I went into bed. I had a great time, and now it was time for me to get to bed.

Diamond Tiara's plan

The trouble Diamond Tiara is planning is bigger than I thought. When I went to school, I saw her talking to Snips & Snails, and they shaking their heads, and looking very nervous. I decided to keep an extra eye on her. Everypony who talked to her was shaking their heads, so I thought that might be a good sign. I was so wrong.

After school, I saw a bunch of ponies, probably around ten, going into what seemed like a shed. I followed stirrupticiously. Inside there was a room, filled with all sorts of printing equipment. I saw the 'horde' of ponies moving towards Featherweight. I heard him saying, "No! I will NOT step down!" "Hey!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I heard hooves coming closer... It was Miss Cheerilee! My plan worked! I smiled slyly. "What is going on here?" Miss Cheerilee asked. There was a moment of complete and utter silence. Then I saw Diamond Tiara, to my surprise she was smirking. "Everypony! OUT!" Yelled Miss Cheerilee. Everypony dispersed. I frowned. What was Diamond Tiara smirking about? I foiled her plan... Or did I?

I started getting paranoid. I kept seeing her murmuring to other ponies. Then, as if a light was turned on over my head, I had an idea. I went to Featherweight, and told him everything I was thinking. He nodded. I also went to Miss Cheerilee and told her. She said that she wasn't sure, but decided to do what I said anyway.

I decided I would sell my Signature Coconut Milkshakes at school. I got a nice profit, but I had an eye to the Foal Free Press' entrance. Nopony went in. That night, I stayed at school. Luckily, it was a warm summer night. Yep, I was right. I saw the same horde of ponies going to the entrance. I smirked. Haha, were they going to get a surprise. I heard Diamond Tiara say, "What in the world!?!" "So, Coconut Smoothie was right. I am going to have to tell your father about this. Is it true that you all have been threatened?" asked Miss Cheerilee. I walked inside and saw the horde nodding their heads. I grinned. Oh, boy. My plan worked! And when I saw Diamond Tiara leaving, she looked like she could kill, as she was escorted by Miss Cheerilee out. Featherweight trotted up to me. "Er, thanks a lot. I would be a lot of trouble if they got me out of my job..." "No problem!" I said, "I really wanted to get Diamond Tiara for mocking me. Friends?" "Friends." We shook hooves.

I flew home emphatically. I was so happy. But when I got home, another pony stopped me. It was Miss Cheerilee. She said, "Well, I wasn't expecting that. Thanks, and I'll keep an extra eye on her. Good night, Coconut." I went into bed. It was 3:00 in the morning, so I was tired. I fell right asleep as soon as I got into bed.

Winning the Best Young Flier Junior Category

"Well, today is the big day!" I was at Truffle Shuffle's house, with Featherweight. Truffle Shuffle invited me to eat, but I couldn't sit still, I was so excited. "Whr hrprnrn trmrw?" Asked Truffle, with his mouth full. "Tomorrow is the Tournament for the Best Young Flier in Cloudsdale! I'm entering the junior category. " "Cool!" Said Featherweight, "Maybe I should enter... Heh! Just joking! I'll just cheer you on." "I wish I could come. I would cheer you on too!" said Truffle Shuffle. "Hmmm... I know! Let's go to Twilight Sparkle's house. I'm sure she could help!" I offered. Everyone nodded, and we set out.

When we got to the library, Spike came up and asked, "You-You're... Um, oh! Yes. Coconut Smoothie, was it? And Truffle Shuffle, and Featherweight. Am I correct?" "Yep. Can we see Twilight Sparkle?" I asked. "Er, sure." Spike answered. We went inside. Twilight was reading a book.."Oh, hello girls. How's it going?" Twilight asked. I answered, "Fine. Hey, can you do a spell to give Truffle Shuffle wings? The Best Young Flier junior category is starting soon so I need all the help I can get. Please?" Twilight thought for a moment. "Well," She said. "Oh, I guess so. It should be easier for a colt, anyway. Twilight looked around, when she found the book, she flipped through the pages. When she found the page, she started concentrating hard. A huge amount of light emanated from Twilight's horn. Suddenly, Truffle was enveloped in something that looked a lot like silk. When he emerged he had the most amazing wings! They looked like a butterfly's. "*pant* Be careful, *pant* Truffle. Those wings are *pant* very fragile." "Hehe, I will! Thanks Twilight!" Said Truffle. "See you, Twilight!" I said. I sped towards the door. I beckoned Featherweight and Truffle to follow.

When we went out, I saw many ponies flying towards Cloudsdale. "C'mon, let's go!" I said, laughing as I dashed towards Cloudsdale. I heard panting from behind. "Quickly you two! We are going to be late!" "but *pant* I *pant* need *pant* a rest! *pant*" Truffle panted. "Featherweight, can you help Truffle Shuffle? I need to sign up now. See you!" I left them behind to sign up. While I was in the line, Featherweight and Truffle Shuffle caught up. When I had signed up, I told the two I had to go to the waiting room, and they wished me good luck. I was last in the room. While I waited, I started to get anxious. I started pacing. You know how I can't stand staying still for too long. I started flying around the room, much to the annoyance of everypony else. "Okay, number fourteen, it's time!" said the announcer. I was alone. I started flying as fast as I could. It must've been a wing power of at least 14.0! A small tornado started developing. "Uh oh..." I said. I was moving too fast! I couldn't stop! Clouds started being sucked up. I forced myself to stop, and... "Oof! Ow..." I said. I had hit a wall. but the tornado was still moving! I decided to do a daredevil feat. I... flew the opposite way. Soon, the tornado stopped. I panted. "And finally, fifteen!" I gulped. I had used a lot of my energy. I went to the small candy table and took a toffee. If I wanted to win, I needed energy. Nervous energy.

I flew out. I decided to try it. I couldn't make it big, I'll at least try... I started flying as fast as I could around the clouds above. I needed the clouds' aid. I kept spinning around, and around, and around, until finally it appeared. "YES!" I said to myself. I was making a small tornado. But then, I heard a yell. "AAAAaaaAAAAaaaAAAAH!" It was Truffle Shuffle! I was fast, but not that fast! but I had an idea. I kept spinning, and spinning, my wing power must've been 16.3! Truffle Shuffle started to slow down, and move up! He went through my tornado, and I caught him at the top. I grinned broadly, and set him on a cloud, with some difficulty. I then moved the opposite way of the tornado. Finally, no more tornado. Princess Luna, the judge of the Best Young Flier junior category, flew down to me. "That was a quite nice tornado, and some smart thinking, and bravery, you are the Best Filly Flier!" She said. There was a roar of applause. I grinned even more broadly. I felt so great! I couldn't wait to tell Diamond Tiara! Haha!

I went to Ponyville to celebrate my victory. Everypony clapped when they heard, and Pinkie Pie set up an outdoor party. I retold the story, and Truffle Shuffle, though shaken, was smiling the whole time. He thanked me, like, a million times, and Featherweight Congratulated me a lot too! I was so happy, especially when I saw the look on Diamond Tiara's face. She looked SO angry when she heard, that she mocked me, saying I lied. But I showed her the crown, and she couldn't say anything after that, but she sulked and glared at me when she saw me. I demonstrated a small tornado, not nearly the size I made back in Cloudsdale, but everypony was still impressed. "Can I have your autograph, Coconut?" "Will you date me?" "No, will you marry ME?" somponies were asking. When they asked this Truffle Shuffle, for some reason, glared at them. "Er... No." I answered rather politely. At around 2:00 in the morning, after plenty of delicious cake and apple cider, everypony left, and I went to bed. I was smiling. For once, nopony stopped me getting to bed. I plopped into bed, exausted. I had a wonderful time, but as soon as I got into bed, I fell asleep.