I've been noticing that the episode Equestria Games (arguably) has a split reception among the fans in S4. Some say it's the best Spike episode to date and others say it is a disappointing episode because the hyped up the games since god knows how long and that the writers wasted it on another Spike centered episode. Personally though, I was never been hyped up for the games. In fact, I never cared for the games at all. So, when DHX announced a third Spike episode for this season, I was really hyped up for that because he's one of my favorite characters on the show. And when I watched the episode, it gave me exactly what I wanted. However, after seeing some Brony reviewers critiques on this episode, I can see why people would be disappointed over this.

So here's my question to you guys. Do you think that this episode is great because it focused on Spike and not the games or bad because of that reason. Please let me know in the comments below. Also, please vote for this poll...thingy on the episode.

Is the "Equestria Games" a great or not?

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