Note: Please don't tell me that I spelt "favourite" wrong because it is spelt with a u in Canada. Also, I think that it's spelt the same in the UK as it is in Canada.

Sorry for being late! I now have the results of the poll that I started 3 weeks ago. Here they are:

Prince Blueblood: 10

Diamond Tiara: 4

Fluttershy: 2

Gilda: 2

Silver Spoon: 2

Snips: 2

Snails: 2

Applejack: 1

Derpy: 1

Luna: 1

Rainbow Dash: 1

Trixie: 1

Prince Blueblood will not have cake thrown at him until I make a poll for Equestria's Favourite Pony.

Disqualified players

"None" or "i'm not sure" comments were disqualified. Callofduty4 and Dragonhunter 2336 were disqualified because they said "None." 1-ek was disqualified because he/she said "I am not sure."

Many of you forgot to write why. It's ok, because I don't really need it anyways.