FANMADE Equestrian Unity coat of arms

Our coat of arms.

The Lunar Republic thinks that Luna must be protected more than Celestia. The Solar Empire says the opposite. 'Nuff said. It's not nearly as huge as LR is.

The Crystal Empire asks that LR and SE stop the fighting (if there is any, really) and to protect their empire and its citizens... but the rest of Equestria is pretty much forgotten.

This group is for anyone who wants to protect them both and seeing them as equally needing to be protected, as they are both equally important to us.

Although the Empires are not about hating or wanting to destroy, we still believe that they should both be protected.


1. Do not portray Celestia and Luna hating each other and wanting to hurt each other. Only them being loving sisters is acceptable. (An occasional sisterly fight can also be accepted, as long as they apologize at some point and are not always enemies.)

2. There will be no negative portrayals of the Celestia and Luna (if that ever happens by someone, which most likely won't.)

4. We will not accept extremist members from the Solar Empire and the Lunar Republic. Our goal is for a united group. Being that the two prefer one princess over the other, we will not allow fans of a single princess to disrupt our group.

5. You must like both Princesses’ and want to protect them equally. If you hate Celestia, Luna will banish you to the sun. If you hate Luna, Celestia will banish you to the moon. Our goal is equal love for the princess’s.

6. No trolling, flaming, or any kind of bashing towards this group. Offenders will be ignored.

7. There will be no saying one princess is better than the other. Offenders will be kicked out of the group and then ignored.


  • Twilightsparkle101 (leader)
  • The Candlekeeper
  • Meester Tweester


How to join

Simply say that you want to join in the comments!

So please, stop the fighting and join today!