Queen Chrysalis is Evil S2E26


UPDATE: The Swarm needs a new leader! If there are any takers for the job, please let me know in the comments.

Hello. Today we shall talk about The Swarm, a special division dedicated to Queen Chrysalis.

There has been an awful war going on in the Hurt/Heal blog, and the sides are divided between Celestia, Luna, Cadance, and most recently, Rarity.

I hereby decree that I shall start my own division, the Swarm (named after the changelings)! Now let's teach those love-sickened, sappy ponies a thing or two about hate and love-sucking! 

~Protect our queen, everychangeling!~

Note: I just think that she's a good villain. I made this group to honor her as a villain and protect her in Hurt or Heal.

Note 2: We did it, everychangeling! We healed our Queen to over 50!


  • Twilightsparkle101- Leader of the Swarm
  • IloveFluttershy
  • SpectraMando


How to sign up

Simply comment down below to join!


  • We are aiming to protect Queen Chrysalis.
  • We are not about hurting others! Simply protect Queen Chrysalis (I would prefer it if you double-heal, but single-healing is okay, too.)
  • If you dare hurt our Chryssie when you're in this group, you will have all of the love in your body devoured by us changelings! (Just kidding. Although, you'll seriously be kicked out. Sorry about that.)